Long Hair with a V Shape Cut at the Back

The V-shape layering method is universally flattering and it’s a haircut that is shorter on the sides and in the front but left long in the back. There are a lot of variations between v-shaped haircuts you can have completely straight hair with a very obvious V Shape or a naturally curly V shape Hairstyle. The choice is yours depending on whether you choose a straightening or Curly styling technique and this hairstyle can give a very different look depending on the way you choose to style your hair. It’ s the cut that you achieve at the hairdressers that will make the biggest difference and that that can either be very dramatic and very blunt layered cut or with subtle long v-cut layers. Women with long hair tend to add layers to change up their style without losing length or perhaps they want to control curly hair, lighten up thick hair or add volume to fine hair. There are many reasons to add layers but they key is to add the right layers for your length, texture and face shape. How short you get your layers is dependent on your personal preference. For example if you wear your hair down a lot and it’s poker straight than shorter layers would look great but if you have curly hair or wear your hair up often than you may want to keep your layers longer. Below are some v shape haircuts that look very different depending on the style you choose.

Gallery of Layered V-Shape Haircuts

Long-Bronde-Hair-with-v-shape Long-v-shape-hairstyle-black-hair Long-wavy-v-shape-hair V-shaped-back-side-view layered-hairstyles-angled-with-v-back Long-Hair-v-shape-hair-cut-before-and-after v-shape-long-hair-red-hair Long-Straight-Hair-v-shape Super-Long-Wavy-v-shape-hairstyle Long-v-shape-hair-with-shag-layers long-hairstyles-V-shape-back Long-Curly-Hair-v-shape-hair-cut