The Best Medium Length Haircuts for a Square Face

The square face shape is defined by an angular jawline and jaw-dropping beauty. A lot of famous square faced women including Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox usually opt for a long hairstyle. Although long haircuts are great so are square faces because they add length and balance, not everybody has the right hair texture or even the desire to grow their hair to long sweeping lengths.

Medium length haircuts including shoulder-length or bobs are right on trend right now and they can look amazing on a square face shape as long as they are done right. The goal with your haircut is to add roundness and softness and these haircuts are simple but effective at emphasizing the beautiful bone structure of a square face but adding roundness.

The Jaw-Skimming A-Line Bob

Kiera Knightley has a gorgeous square face shape. In the past she has had long beautiful hair but she recently chopped off those locks for the trendy A-line bob and it works perfectly with her square face shape. She chose long soft layers and A-line cut and this softens her jaw while a blunt cut and be too severe around the jawline and work against the square shape.

a line bob haircut for square face shape

The trendiest haircut of the season is perfect for a square face shape.

A Shoulder Length Loose and Wavy Hairstyle

Shoulder-length cuts look amazing on every face shape. Their versatility makes them perfect for any texture and any shape. Shoulder-length cuts aren’t one size fits all though. Defined layers with the first layer starting at the chin will soften a harsh square jaw while too short layers can widen the face. Light and loose waves are a great way to soften your face shape and they can be easily created, especially with a layered shoulder length cut.


Shoulder-length, waves, and layers are the perfect haircut for square faces.

Any Medium Length Cut with an Off Center Part

A slightly off center part is a simple and effective way to add the illusion of roundness. Rather you have a shorter bob haircut or a shoulder-length haircut by parting your hair around the inner corner of your eye, you will have created a soft and round look.

off center part hairstyle for square face

The simplest way to create a rounded look with your hair is an off-center part.

Medium-Length Cut with Rounded Fringe on Square Face

If you want a gorgeous fringe to spice up your mid-length cut then the key is to make sure it is rounded. A blunt bang with the outside being about an inch longer will frame your face and give it that rounded look you need with a square face.


Rounded bangs are a great way to shorten a square face and give it a rounded illusion.