A Selection of The Best Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

A lot of women wish to have soft fine hair that is delicate and easy to style; but women with fine hair are also very familiar with the potential flaws of fine hair. Thin or fine hair can be difficult to style, appear dull, and hair products are relatively useless to keep texture and style. Having the right haircut emphasizes all of the benefits of fine hair and minimizes qualities you might not like about thin hair.

Women with fine hair often find that short hairstyles and fine hair work well together. Short haircuts are easier to add volume to, hold hair products better, and it appears thicker. Long hairstyles on fine hair can make fine hair look thinner and straggly.

A Chic Cropped Haircut

The latest trend in Hollywood haircuts is the crop, and this trend is perfect for women with fine hair. This flirty haircut emphasizes your delicate features and still gives you that feel of femininity.

The classic crop is short enough that its bold but long enough to give that touch of enchantment. Add some styled layers for face shaping and style and this is the perfect cut for women with fine and straight hair. The shaggy pixie is another great-cropped haircut for thin hair. It’s long enough so that the side’s cover your ears and the back are about 3-4 inches longer than your shaggy, side-swept bangs.

There are many ways to style a cropped pixie and the exact best cut and style should be chosen with regards to your face shape and hair texture. Whether you want an edgy high-fashion look, or a feminine flirty look, this hairstyle works perfect for thin hair because it’s easy to maintain so you don’t have to damage your hair with heating and styling products and it gives your full texture and body.

short cropped haircut for fine hair

Emma Watsons classic crop is perfect for fine hair.

A Bob Haircut Works well with Fine Hair

Bob’s are a great short haircut for every hair type. The short style will give fine hair more body and it’s look great on every face shape. A blunt or subtly layered bob is easier to style than an asymmetrical or gradual bob cuts, but they all give the illusion of volume and thickness.

A great length for fine hair bobs typically falls from your ears to your chin, or slightly longer. Having very subtle and long layers cut into your bob with give fine hair the appearance of thick and healthy hair without natural texture and volume – without taking a lot of time, maintenance and styling products.

If you are hesitant to cut your hair then a longer bob “lob” is the perfect option. You can dabble with short hair but still keep length for styling. A bob is even better than having longer hair for styling because it holds better, is thicker and healthier so it’s easy to style and more durable.

Bob for fine hair

This short sleek bob is a gorgeous haircut for fine hair.

Cascade Cuts with Bangs gives Volume for your Fine Hair

A cascade haircut will obviously give a hair plenty of thickness and movement. Cascade is simply a fantasy name for layers but a short cascade look with bangs almost always look better than one length hair for fine hair because it gives volume and movement.

Complementing your short hair with bangs will give the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. It is important you take care of your bangs because with fine hair they can end up looking straggly and unappealing. Bangs and layers frame the face and add a stylish softness compared to long fine hair.

You should always choose bangs based on your face shape. While round faces look better with side swept bangs, an oval face shape looks chic with blunt bangs. Base this decision on your face shape, but the cascade effect looks great on every woman with fine hair.

short cascade haircut for fine hair

This short cascade haircut with bangs looks great for fine hair.