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Skin Renewal Tips and Treatment

Posted on 03 December 2014 by Wendy

Our skin is made of cells like the rest of the body, these change and regenerate. The old are deposited in the epidermis along with impurities, and exfoliation is key to eliminate them and make our skin look beautiful and renewed. Inside, the skin constantly produces new cells that travel by all layers of the […]


Fringes Fashion for Spring Summer 2015

Posted on 01 December 2014 by Wendy

The bangs for Spring and Summer 2015, are very sweeping, different and versatile according to your personality. These fringes are different this season, they can be: tilted, straight, colorful, asymmetric, thousands of ideas to look different, renewed and perhaps even more chic. These types of bangs will surprise you, they are extremely elegant: