5 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair you are probably on a fruitless and continual search for hairstyles that make your hair appear thicker, healthy, and voluminous. With the right hair cut and styling your can have desirable hair that has shape, body, and movement. When fine hair is too long it tends to look flat, dull, and unhealthy because of ‘straggly’ ends. Medium-length hairstyles look perfect with fine hair because it easier to style with volume and body and it’s extremely versatile. Here are our top 5 medium-length hairstyles for fine hair.

1. A Lovely Lob Hairstyle works well with Fine Hair

A longer bob side and deep side part looks amazing with fine hair. When you have fine hair the key to getting a thick hairstyle look is keeping the cut blunt – so avoiding adding those desirable layers to your lob. If you have to have them then try adding some long subtle layers to the front. This will frame the face but won’t weigh down the front of your hairstyle. This hairstyle looks ultra-chic rather it is pin-straight or with some loose curls of waves for extra volume.


A lovely wavy lob is perfect for fine hair.

2. Shoulder-Length Fine hair with Blunt Bangs

If you have fine hair your bangs aren’t going to be bold and dramatic like somebody with thick hair, but that doesn’t mean blunt bangs don’t look work with fine hair. You will just want them to be soft and textured. Blunt bangs will make your bangs appear thicker and a good idea is to bring a lot of your hair into them by making them deep and wide as seen on Selena Gomez below. Keep your hair length around the shoulders and keeping the cut blunt will help your hair appear thicker and also it looks tremendously chic.


Bold blunt bangs and a blunt medium-length haircut is a gorgeous hairstyle for fine hair.

3. Centered Part Curly Hairstyle

One of the best qualities of fine hair is that you can curl it quickly and effortlessly. A great option for thin or fine hair that is an inch or two longer than the shoulders is loose curls. Simply pair your hair down the middle and use a 2-inch curling iron to give your hair some relaxed curls that will give your fine hair plenty of style and volume. Don’t forget to spray with flexible-hold hair spray as fine hair tends to lose curls over the course of the day.


If your medium-length hairstyle is a little longer then add some waves to give your hair movement and volume.

 4. Medium-Length Simple Curled Ends Hairstyle

Emma Stone shows us that there are hundreds of ways (and colors) to wear fine hair. One of our favorites was her blonde, shoulder-length hairstyle. This look is perfect for everyday wear because it’s easy to style, low-maintenance but looks really flattering with fine hair. We love how her hair is cut with very subtle long layers and then styled with a soft inwards curl. Add some side-swept bangs to frame the face.


This subtle classic look is absolutely gorgeous for fine hair.

5. Choppy Layered and Side Bangs


If you want your hair to have volume and spice try this choppy layered look with side bangs.

The key to fine hair is making it look full of life, and a great way to achieve this look is a haircut with choppy medium to long layered layers. This will give your hair plenty of movement when you tease the crown of your head. Add a deep side part and long side-swept bangs that hit at the cheekbone and your thin hair will look absolutely vibrant.