Amazing Chignon Hairstyles

Chignon is really fantasy French jargon for a bun hairstyle. Women are always looking for a simple yet glamorous hairstyle for their work days, casual days, and even nights out on the town. A chignon effortlessly pulls back your hair to show off your shoulders and neck, it looks great with a with a strapless or low-cut dress or top and you can style it loose so that strands frame your face. The versatility of a chignon makes it a timeless favorite hairstyle. Here are some of our favorite chignons.

Simple Chignon Knot

This hairstyle is generally styled low for a romantic look. You can opt for a loose low-knotted chignon or keep it sleek and polished.


Knot your chignon for a simple hairstyle.

The Classic-Chignon

The classic chignon – or bun in English, will never go out of style. Similar to the ponytail it’s a hairstyle you can be certain that will always be in style and always look good, especially if you’re having a bad hair day. Similar to the chignon knot, it’s generally styled at the nape of the neck for a elegant and simple look.


Try this twist on a classic bun hairstyle.

The Chignon French twist

The French twist is one of those hairstyles that looks complicated but is actually extremely simple to recreate. It’s kind of like chignon seeming fantasy and complex, but in actuality – it’s a bun. A French twist is perfect for a first date, a family party, or the work place.


We love this messy french twist chignon.

A Side-Swept Chignon

If you want to spice up your everyday chignon or you simply love to style your hair to the side, then a low side-swept chignon is a simple and elegant option. We absolutely love this look with deep side-part and side-swept bangs.


A bold side-swept hairstyle is glamorous.