Bandana Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Bandanas are a small accessory that makes a bold statement. They have been categorized with pin up girls, the hip-hop industry, photos on Instagram, glamour, punk-glam and more. This simply shows the extreme versatility and allure of the simple handkerchief with a big statement.  Bandanas are great for women with short hair because they help hide bad hair days, give more options to a sometimes difficult and option-less hair length, essentially bandanas are a fun and great accessory. Here are some ways to wear a bandana for the ladies with shorter hair.

A Tousled Knot-Wrap

You don’t have to spend 25-minutes in front of the mirror trying to fix up a bandana hairstyle. All you need is 60-seconds to tie it around the back of your head and tie it in a knot on the top. It is simple, chic, and perfect for a messy hair day.


Bandana with Voluminous Bangs

If your short crop has long bangs then brush them up with some gel or simply spray with hairspray and tie your bandana behind them in a knot or bow.


Side-Swept Bangs and with a Bandana

This is great option for those who have side-swept bangs or an introverted bob hairstyle. It’s messy enough to be casual for a concert or party but chic enough so that you’re turning heads.


Pin Up Hair with Bandana

Embrace your inner pinup girl for this retro hairstyle. Add some tousled waves to your hair and style with knotted bandana.


Vintage Bandana Hairstyle

Like the above hairstyle, this one embraces a vintage pin up but it’s a bit more structured and just as fabulous.


All-Wrapped Up

Bandanas are perfect for a bad hair day. Simply wrap your hair up with a thick bandana and tie in the front.


Traditional Bandana Tie

Today it’s trendy to tie your bandana on the top of your head in a cute knot but the old-school bandana wears will tell you that you tie it on the nape of your neck. Simply wear it as your would a headband and tie at the back.