Bandanas make a Great Hair Accessory

Bandanas are a trendy and practical hair accessory. They are perfect for running errands, second-day hair, and match plenty of casual outfits. You can find pre-tied bandanas, DIY braided bandanas, or you can simply use a classic red, white or blue one. Whichever, you choose bandanas are super easy to use and there are a lot of cute hairstyles to go with them.

The PinUp Style

This is one of the most popular styles. Simply put your hair in a messy bun and fold the bandana so that its 2-4 inches wide and tie the knot on the top of your head. It might time some bobby pins and styling but it’s easy and tres chic!


The classic bandana hairstyle works for everyone.

Long Waves with Headband

Demi Lovato looks amazing with her long red waves and this wide bandana with a big knot on the top and slightly off-centered.


Spice up your waves with a bandana.

Boho Bandana Hairstyle

If you’ve been contemplating a trendy bandana, then this style should be the one that completely convinces you. The boho look is super charming. By simply grabbing a bright colored headband and wrapping around your head leaving the width around your forehead you can have an effortlessly glamorous and unique look.


Bandanas are the perfect boho chic accessory.

Bandana Tied on the Side

You commonly see bandanas tied updo or the back of the head but you’re not limited to those two options. A bright colored scarf or bandana that is tied on the side in a loose knot is a trendy option.


Tie your bandana on the side for a new look.

Wrap Up Your Bandana

This bandana hairstyle is perfect for a casual outfit or a day out running errands. It’s easy and simple, perfect for those who are just getting started with the bandana hairstyle.


Wrap up your head with a colorful bandana.

Dress Up a Ponytail

Another great way to introduce yourself to bandanas is by simply dressing up your ponytail. Regardless if it’s a low side pony or a high ponytail, it will look great accessorized with a bandana.


This side ponytail and floral bandana is beautiful.