Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Finding an age appropriate haircut can be a challenge. As women mature their hair often changes and that means it’s time for a fresh new haircut to takes years off our look, emphasize our facial features, and hide our flaws. You want a haircut that makes you look younger, but not like you are trying to relieve your 20’s. A lot of mature women opt for shorter hairstyles and it’s clear why: it’s trendy, easy to maintain, and looks fashionable. Here you will find the best short hairstyles for women over 40.

Layered Bob looks great on older women

This hairstyle looks great on everybody, but it’s particularly chic and stylish for older women in her 40s. It is extremely stylish but low-maintenance, this way you can keep some length but eliminate the hassle of longer locks. This haircut should fall between your ears and your chin and sometimes slightly longer. Almost any face shape can pull off this haircut, but it does depend on your facial features and shape on what length and style of layers you should choose. If you have a rounder face try to keep it a bit longer while petite angular faces look best with shorter length hair and angular layered bobs. Adding side-swept bangs to your layered bob will add extra facial framing and hide signs of ageing.

Layered bob for women over 40

A chic layered bob that looks great on women over the age of 40

Short Shag hairstyle gives older women a edgy look

This look portrays femininity and a hint of sportiness. Is what makes this hairstyle ideal is the fact it looks best with little styling. Ask your stylist to chop a lot of short layers from front to back but keep the shortest layers in the front around your face. Style the layers so that they are flipped out and with ease you will look sexy, stylish, and sophisticated.

Best Shag Hairstyle for Women Over 40

Lisa Finna shows us how women in their 40s look trendy and sophisticated with this short shag hairstyle

Soft Pixie hairstyle is a popular choice for women over 40

If you are 25 or 45, the pixie is an extremely trendy hairstyle. Not all pixies are created equally and different styles work better for different facial features and different ages. Ask your stylist which they would recommend but in general the most flattering pixie for a mature woman is a softened pixie. This means that the layers are so discrete you barely notice them. These subtle layers keep the sides or top from looking poufy or too choppy. Also keep the length shorter on the sides and back but longer on the top, and add side swept bangs.

best pixie for women over 40

This soften pixie works perfectly on women over 40. It’s stylish, low-maintenance, and trendy.

The “Lob” otherwise known as a long bob looks trendy

Lob is a clever word that comes from combining “long” and “bob” and that is exactly what it is. This look has been growing in popularity thanks to their versatility and vogue appeal. The long bob falls right above your shoulders therefore you still have length, which allows you to add texture such as lovely loose waves or tight curls. Don’t hesitate to add a blunt fringe or heavy side-swept bangs with a lob. The bangs are extremely flattering when paired with a lob because they frame your face, hide wrinkles, and add a playful characteristic to your new hairdo.

Best Long Bob For Women Over 40

This straight long bob with long side swept bangs is perfect for women over 40