Bridal Hairstyles for Women With Short Curly Hair

Women with short hair often feel left out of the bridal hair looks and publications but with short hairstyles being the latest trend, the short haired girls are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Short hair makes a bold bridal statement and with short hair all of the attention is directed to the wedding dress and the brides beautiful facial features and flawless make up. One of the most popular short bridal hairstyles are curls. Short curly bridal hairstyles are all about volume, body and making a statement. Here are a few great options for short curly hair.

Amazing Headband Style Tiara’s

If you have short curly hair then a great hairpiece that creates volume and emphasizes your facial features is one of the simplest and most stunning ways to achieve a one-of-a-kind bridal hairstyle.

Brides and tiaras go perfectly together. It’s a simple and elegant way to say it is your day. If you have short hair then headband style tiara’s work better than the traditional style because it will hold better and doesn’t require as much pinning and setting to keep it in place.

When choosing a tiara make sure you choose one that first compliments your face shape and secondly matches your dress by both color and style. If you have a vintage Audrey Hepburn style dress then your tiara should complete the outfit with a vintage style headband tiara, but if your dress is a fairytale princess style then try to find a headband that compliments that theme. Finally, you want the tiara to match your hair color.

Helpful guidelines for choosing your Tiara

  • Ivory gowns – gold tone tiaras
  • White gowns – silver-tone, rhinestone, and white pearl tiaras
  • Diamond white gowns – gold and silver tiaras
  • Blonde hair – crystal, white, and silver tiaras
  • Darker hair – silver, white tiaras
  • Red or Light Brown – ivory pearls, gold-tone tiaras
Short curly tiara bridal hairstyles

A headband-style tiara looks gorgeous with short curly hair.

Dramatic Side-Swept Hairstyle

If you don’t want to wear hair accessories or perhaps you will be opting for a bride-cage veil that you will later take off but still want your hair to make a beautiful statement then try this hairstyle. It’s a dramatic side-swept hairstyle with controlled curls that are bigger and bolder on the side that your hair is parted. This look is truly elegant and all of the attention will be drawn to your eyes. There won’t be any question who is the beautiful bride with this hairstyle.

Short curly bold bridal hairstyles

A simple but gorgeous option for short curly bridal hair.

Up do for Short Curly Bridal Hair with a Side Twist

If you have short curly hair one-way to achieve an up do is with subtle twist on the sides right across the ears. Once you have the effortlessly beautiful twist you can style with hair accessories such as diamond barrettes or simple flowers to give your hairstyle an extra special bridal touch.

Short Curly Wedding Hairstyles With Hair Accessories and Updo

This look is a great way to get an up do for short curly hair.