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Hairstyles for thin hair

Posted on 19 December 2018 by Wendy

Do you have thin hair and you want to know what is the hairstyle that looks better on you? Are you looking to add volume and movement? It will help you to get the most out of your hair with the tricks and tips from experts in hair! Hair cuts that give movement to the […]


Best Women Hairstyle For Round Face

Posted on 24 November 2014 by Wendy

Do you know that round faces are the ones with the most different hairstyles available? Today we will give you some tips that you can take advantage of if you have a round face. Thanks to them you can maximize your looks and make them balanced and perfect thanks to your hair. Because there will always be […]


Short Hair for Fall/Autumn 2014, Bob and Shoulder-Length Hair are Back!

Posted on 18 August 2014 by Wendy

Short hair trend for Autumn Some women cut their hair to enjoy the summer, without complicating themselves by high temperatures and enjoying the ease of a short hair, and they probably thought about lamenting it when fall comes, missing their long loops. But taking that decision couldn’t be more right, this year’s fall you can enjoy the growth of your hair, […]


Should I get Short Hair?

Posted on 29 January 2014 by Wendy

There are so many great reasons to have a short bob or the perfect pixie. Deciding whether or not you should go short is definitely up to you. On the other hand, there are always plenty of reasons for keeping long hair: winter warmth, hairstyles such as braids, easier to hide bad hair days, and […]


How to Create Volume from Flat Hair

Posted on 08 December 2013 by Wendy

Having dull and lifeless hair can be frustrating. You want to get those amazing hairstyles that are full of body and life but your hair is flat on top and simply doesn’t want to be big, bold, and boisterous. There are plenty of things you can do create that volume if you have thin or […]

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Most popular hairstyles for straight hair

Posted on 30 November 2013 by Wendy

One of the great truths of life is that we always want we don’t have, even with something as simple as our hair texture. Women with curly hair envy the women with controllable straight hair, while those with straight hair spend endless hours curling their hair just for it to lose hold a few hours […]

Bangs for women over 50

The Best Hair Cuts for Women Over 50

Posted on 02 November 2013 by Wendy

As women age they tend to stop following hair trends because stylist hair isn’t as important. In actuality the right haircut can make you look years younger and very fashionable. Choosing a haircut shouldn’t be based on what society thinks is age appropriate; it should be based on your face shape and structure, lifestyle, personality, skin […]

A-line Bob for Thin Hair

What are the Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair?

Posted on 11 October 2013 by Wendy

Thin hair has a beautiful texture that is often described as baby soft and delicate, but if you have this type of hair you are probably always searching for ways to add volume and make your hair appears thicker. With the right haircut and styling tricks you can have the soft voluminous hair that you […]