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Katy Perry Inspired Bob Haircuts

Posted on 07 January 2014 by Wendy

Katy Perry is almost as famous for her bold hairstyles as she is for her catchy tunes. From her funky wings in California Girls to her gorgeous retro curls on the red carpet, Katy Perry isn’t afraid to take risks with her hair, and that confidence is to be admired.  If you have been hesitant […]


Different Long Fringes for Long Hair

Posted on 06 January 2014 by Wendy

For those of you who don’t know a fringe is simply the British word for bangs so if you’re looking for a posh word for your new long bangs then fringe is perfect. Bangs are totally on trend and they look stunning with almost every hair texture, although of course those with curls or coarse […]


How to Style Bed Head for Short Hair

Posted on 27 December 2013 by Wendy

There is a common misconception that short hair is effortlessly styled but women with short hair know all too well that every morning when they look in the mirror they are greeted with mad locks. If you have a pixie cut then you know that hitting the snooze button could mean you don’t have ample […]


The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

Posted on 09 December 2013 by Wendy

If you’ve been told that you look much younger than you actually are your entire life, then you probably have a round face. Round faces are youthful and sweet, but sometimes you would prefer to look more mature and sophisticated. The secret to a great rounded-face hairstyle is balancing and averting from the roundness and […]


How to Style Bangs that You’re Growing Out

Posted on 03 December 2013 by Wendy

Bangs are a commitment and after sometime of constant styling and maintenance, a lot of women reach a point where they’re ready to let them grow and free your self from the chains of bangs or perhaps you’re just ready for a new look. Regardless of why you’re growing out your bangs, it can be […]


The Best Haircuts for Women with Long Faces

Posted on 23 November 2013 by Wendy

If you have an oblong face shape (oval, square) there are some haircuts that look better than others. Like all face shapes, you want to show off your features and create balance so that your haircut is extremely flattering for you. An oblong face shape or  “rectangular” is similar to both oval and square face […]


5 Medium-Length Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Posted on 22 November 2013 by Wendy

If you have fine hair you are probably on a fruitless and continual search for hairstyles that make your hair appear thicker, healthy, and voluminous. With the right hair cut and styling your can have desirable hair that has shape, body, and movement. When fine hair is too long it tends to look flat, dull, […]

Cut Layers in Your Hair at Home

How to Cut Layers into Your Hair at Home

Posted on 18 November 2013 by Wendy

Layers add volume, movement and style to long hairstyles. Sometimes we don’t have the money or the time to go to the hair salon for a professional haircut, but many don’t know that you can actually cut layers yourself at home. Cutting your hair by yourself always entails some risk, so it’s important you take […]

medium length straight bob

The Hottest Straight Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

Posted on 11 November 2013 by Wendy

Medium length hair is extremely feminine, trendy, and versatile. It is easier to style and maintain than long hair but still gives you plenty of styling options. However, medium length hair can ultimately be a little boring and bland sometimes. If you are looking for a new haircut that compliments your length but also spices […]

Beautiful Long Layers at Home

Easy Layered Haircuts for Long Hair to do at Home

Posted on 09 November 2013 by Wendy

If you have been in the need for a new haircut but don’t want to spend money at the salon then we have a few great long layered haircuts that you can do right from the comfort of your own home. Simple Long Layers This is the simplest way to give you layers at home. […]