Celebrities With a Shaved Edgy Look Hairstyle

There’s no doubt  that celebrities infuse our lives, ever more so as their careers are based on media attention and recently we have seen many celebs draw attention to themselves through having a edgy look haircut. Miley Cyrus is a classic example of this but many of us know that she didn’t originate the shaved edgy look. Infact another queen of changing her hairstyle every week is Rihanna and many see her to be one of the first celebs to shave one side of her head. What hairstyle is next? who knows!  Would you be daring enough to to try this shock tactic Haircut?

Rihanna has Shaved Sides with Dyed Hair on Top

just to add a bit more of the shock factor many celebs have also chosen to change their hair color and shave their sides. When the infamously rebellious Rihanna shaved off half of the hair on her head, the world reacted with shock and in some cases, dismay. She did what?! A look so edgy, so unapologetically fierce, on a mainstream popstar? Here is an example of her most recent style and interestingly Rihanna has dyed the remaining short hair on top and also has a side swept bang. effectively it’s many hairstyles in one!


Rihanna is famous for having this shock edgy haircut

Miley Cyrus Short Hair with Shaved Sides

After Rihanna one by one, other celebrities followed suit: Miley Cyrus kicked off her daring new image and declared her separation from her Disney days with a blonde half-shave. Miley has truly been daring and her short hair on top doesn’t leave her with many options if she wishes to cover up her shaved sides.


Miley Cyrus has a shaved sides with edgy look hair on top

The Amanda Bynes Shaved Haircut that Shocked her Fans

Amanda Bynes who is famous for some popular American TV shows has had many up’s and down’s in her career and that includes her appearance. She  recently shocked her fans by posting pictures of her new shaved edgy hairstyle on Twitter, unfortunately for her she faced a barrage of abuse from her fans. By having a quick scroll through the ‘half-shave’ tag on Tumblr shows just how firmly entrenched this style has become among young people everywhere thanks to these celebrity pioneers.


The famous Amanda Bynes Shaved head haircut buzz look

Jada Pinkett Smith Has Shaved Sides with Long hair

One of the great things about this haircut is that it gives the illusion that you have done a very daring move, but the truth of the matter is it can be covered up. So if you have a everyday 9 to 5 job and you want to shave a side of your head then it can be easily covered up. Just make sure you leave enough length at the top of your head so that you hair covers one side of your head, basically it’s a comb over. You do need to bear in mind that if you do have particularly thin or fine hair hair then you may not be able effectively cover the shaved part.  Jada Pinkett Smith who apparently now has a open relationship with Will Smith! Has shocked everyone by closely shaving both sides of her head, she is lucky that she has enough long hair on top to cover it up.


Will Smiths wife has shaved sides with long hair on top