Chunky and Jagged Layers a New Trend

A few years ago jagged layers were extremely in fashion and this trend is making a big come back for this year. This trend is subtle enough that you don’t have to feel you’re changing your entire look or it’s too edgy like the splashlight hair color trend. These jagged layers look best with straight hair texture because it shows off the layers best but don’t hesitate to go chunky layers if you have curly hair. This style works for short, medium length, or long hair and every age – actually, the shaggy jagged look can give you a youthful look so if you’re looking for a hairstyle that can take off a few years this is a great option.


Example of jagged layered hairstyle

This trend is perfect for all face shapes as long as the layers are strategically placed which your stylist should be able to do for you. Adding wispy bangs or a side-swept fringe also looks great for this look and when combined it is an extremely versatile look that is soft enough for the office and trendy enough for a night on the town. It’s important that you remember the layers will require extra maintenance trims and might demand additional styling time.

Short Shaggy Layered Hairstyles

If you have short hair or you’re considering a chop then this trend is perfect. The jagged edges give your hair a lot volume and texture. The layers can be really feminine or edgy depending on the type of you look you are seeking and beautifully frame any face shape. This is a great alternative to the sleek pixie that is trendy right now. The layered look won’t require any more maintenance than you short tresses already demand.


Short jagged layered hairstyles

Medium Length Jagged Layers

Medium length is the most popular for this trend. It allows you to combine volume, dimension, and texture. The jagged layers are a fresh alternative to the sleek and blunt bob. The layers give your hair a modern chic look without being too dramatic. The layers are perfect if you like to style your hair with waves or curls or with lots of volume around the crown.


Medium length jagged layered hairstyles

Long Chunky Jagged layers

If your long hair needs a new look than adding jagged layers is a great way to change up your hair without taking off length. The layers also add texture and volume to your hair, which often times long hair struggles with. The amount of layers is completely up to you. You might want to consider keeping them long enough so that you can still put your hair into a ponytail but the shorter and more dramatic the layers, the more you will really embrace this 2014 hair trend.


Long jagged layered hairstyles