Classic Wedding Hair Updos with Braids

Settling on the perfect hairstyle for your special day can be a huge challenge. You want to settle on a hairstyle that you are absolutely in love with so that you can look and feel your best when you are getting married to the person who is madly in love with you. A good way to start narrowing down hair options is deciding if you want it up, down, or half-up. Secondly, ask yourself if you want a braided hairstyle. It’s always a good idea to choose a hairstyle that is timeless, classic, and simple. This will prevent that cringing feeling of regret years down the road when you’re looking through your wedding photos. Braids are a perfect classic wedding hairstyle and they are extremely versatile so that your hair will perfectly suit your wedding theme and your face shape.

Simple Braided Crown for your Wedding Day

If you want to wear your hair down on your wedding day but don’t want it to appear boring then try a big simple braided crown. This look is natural and effortlessly vogue. You can style with some simple and natural hair accessories but we think it looks gorgeous just as it is. It will emphasize the beauty of your make up and the detailing of your dress.


This simple and natural crown braid is a perfect bridal hairstyle.

Crown Braid and Low Curly Bun

If you don’t want to wear a veil then another great alternative is a braided crown styled with simple flowers. Style the back with curls that was pinned up or pulled together in a loose bun. Start the crown braid a few inches back from the forehead and leave loose curls around the face for a gorgeous face framing braided hairstyle.


A simple crown braid with flowers is the perfect alternative to a veil.

Long Fishtail Braided Bridal Style

The fishtail braid is extremely trendy right now. We love it because it gives the classic braid a new look but is still a timeless and elegant bridal hairstyle. Rather than keeping the fishtail braid tight, opt for a messy look with plenty of volume around the crown and a deep side part.


A trendy loose fishtail braid is a great option for your wedding day.

Soft Side Braid and Long Loose Curls

This simple braided and loose curl hairstyle is one that everybody remembers. Style your long locks in loose, relaxed curls but with the front styled into a subtle but big side-braid that naturally flows into your curled locks. The braid will show off your earrings and your wedding dress, which can sometimes be the downside of wearing your hair down on your wedding day.


A big side braid that flows into a loose curly locks will leave your guest speechless.

Upside Down French Braid

If you want a simple and elegant braided updo, then opt for an upside down French braid that is topped with a ballerina bun. This hairstyle keeps your hair up and secure all day so that you can enjoy your wedding festivities without worrying about your hair coming undone.


A classic updo with a french braid and ballerina knot.

Boho Side Braid with Floral Headband

If you have always felt the power of flowers and are a wildflower at heart, then make flowers your bridal hair accessory. A long loose side braid with a floral headband is a soft and feminine option, especially for summer weddings.


This is the perfect braided bridal hairstyle for those with inner flower-power.