Curly Hairstyle Routine

How to Style your Curly hair

You should firstly start off with a deep conditioner as you need to keep your curls moisturised all the time, it’s recommended that you should do this once a week and make it part of your curly hairstyle routine.  To start your routine it’s best to take a wide tooth comb and brush through your tangled hair, never start at the top (near your head) as you may rip out your hair instead start from the bottom so that you can avoid breakage. Gentle detangle your hair and start coming it towards your face. Many people with curly hair find it better to brush the hair forward whilst it’s drying as it keeps the hair tight around the face.


Here’s a curly blonde hairstyle with big curls

Curly Hair Styling Tips

After you have brushed your hair straight the most important stage is to re-wet your hair. Then with a towel gentle scrunch your hair so that the curls reform in the palm of your hands. By re-soaking your hair and then scrunching it you allow your curls to perfectly form individually and it will encourage your longer layers to curl up as much as your shorter ones.

Once you hair is in individual wet curls it’s important to be careful with your drying procedure, you wouldn’t want to mess it all up and create a big frizz. It’s best to use a blow dryer with a diffuser attached to the end, set it on a low setting. Take your hair from the ends and gentle gather it up to the roots. Hold the blow dryer with the diffuser attached up to your head with the hair gathered inside and hold it there for up to 20 seconds and keep repeating this process. It may take approximately 20 minutes to get your hair 80-90% dry as diffusers can take a long time, but if you do this properly you should get some great curls without any frizz.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

cute curly hairstyle on Rihanna

Cute curly hairstyle on Rihanna


A Natural Curly Hair Style