Cut Straight Bangs with Hair Layers for Curly and Wavy Hair

The straight bangs are one of the most commonly used fringe types in the fashion world for this year 2014. Usually this type of bangs is achieved by smoothing your hair using an iron. It looks great both for women with very short or very long hair. Usually women that have a large or small forehead love wearing it because it makes the face look balanced. The most modern out there even dare to wear strands in their straight bangs.

How to cut straight bangs with hair layers

This hairstyle is very elegant and beautiful and it should not be too difficult, but there is always to do it at scale and at the sides to make it balanced. It is best to have a long hair and smooth without iron, as we can see in the image. We note that it is a very thick hair.

Straight bangs hair

A variation of straight bangs is a new trend of 2014 that combines a short and curly hair with straight bangs. The hairstyle gives us an image of asymmetry having long side and other not so much, although it is not well appreciated in the image. The problem of having curly hair is the bangs something burned out when using the iron, which can show a gradient appearance. This hair is perfect to hide a large nose. It is fashionable in 2014 the Asian world where rich and famous is more youthful women.

These bangs, although straight is very uneven and somewhat diagonally. We can see how it ends at end of half side. It tends to be most downloaded by one end, giving a feeling that is triangular. It is good for a long nose or Columbine, as to disguise a front wide. It is perfect for all kinds of parties, although it is not recommended if you have extracorto hair. Very good combination with small eyes, glasses or a medium haircut.

Straight bangs hair

A sweep through the capping side gives a very good look. A dyed color works well with a wide nose and a medium long hair. But it is equally suitable for each face, only you would have to make a couple of changes like giving one curvy effect more. Give more volume to the left or right if you see that in any of those sides is left too short or even giving a touch of tousled is fashionable right now.

Straight bangs hair

Curved straight bangs towards the inside

Thinning hair rather unstructured in comparison with the previous ones. It lacks peaks and is completely straight, being matched by both sides. To give the curvature a fine hair we have to follow step by step tips.