Cutest Short Hairstyles for 2013

This year it is definitely on trend to have shorter hair. Short hair is low-maintenance, flattering, and simply modish.  If you are contemplating a striking and serious haircut, then consider these cute hairstyles inspired by the hairstyle trends of 2013.

A Rounded Crop hairstyle looks really cute

This look has been referred to as the ‘modern bowl cut.’ This modern pixie is longer in the back and on the top but the sides are kept short. The hair is razored and edgy which gives more movement and smoothness. This rounded, textured hairstyle gives you a feminine look, as straight cuts tend to look more virile and severe on shorter hairstyles.

Cutest Rounded Crop of 2013

This rounded crop is chic, cute and sassy.

1920’s Inspired Hairstyle

With the release of the Great Gatsby, and the revival of the 1920’s fashion, this year copying the flapper girl hair style is chic and fashionable. For this look your hair should be cut almost into a bob so that it falls between your ears and your chin. Then add some classic vintage curls and don’t forget to accessorize with headbands and you will be the embodiment of 2013’s classic take on this vintage style.


This flapper-girl inspired shorter hairstyle looks cute and chic.

Couture Pixie Hairstyle

In 2013 you definitely see a lot of masculine inspired fashion and hairstyles with a touch of femininity. This hairstyle brings both of these appealing attributes together. This pixie is longer on top than the sides and has a dramatic side sweep with subtle layers that add a vintage natural curl. This look is also extremely easy to style.


This couture pixie combines masculinity and femininity in this this high fashion cute hairstyle.

The Playful Pixie Haircut

Audrey Tatou showed us how to make our natural hair texture look simply amazing with her pixie this year. So if your hair is curly or wavy, embrace that gorgeous texture for your shorter hairstyle. Ask your stylist to cut your hair 1-1.5 inches longer than the usual pixie, leaving the back and sides slightly shorter than the top. Add some subtle layers and your textured pixie will look chic, feminine and playful.

Cutest Pixie Hairstyle 2013

Audrey Tatou shows us how to pull off a super cute pixie with natural texture.

Chin-Skimming Bob

If you don’t want to go full on pixie or A-line bob, then try out the “lob.” This hairstyle can be seen everywhere this year from fashion magazines to your social medias. This look gives you some length for styling, you can add a side-swept bang for framing your face, and it’s the perfect way to dabble with short hair.

Cutest Chin Skimming Bob 2013

This cute chin-skimming bob is a great way to try the short hair trend.