Date Night Hairstyle Ideas

Date night is always a fun and unpredictable evening regardless if you have it one a week or once a month or it’s your first date or you’ve been dating for 20 years. You don’t want to wear your daily hairstyle on a date, but rather you want to spice up your look and look flawless from head to toe. Date night is the perfect excuse to turn your hairstyle up a notch so take inspiration from these hairstyles for your date nights.

Big Curls for your Big Date

If you’re somebody who generally wears their hair straight rather naturally or spending hours in front of a mirror with your hair straightener, then switch things up and opt for some big and bouncy curls.


Nobody can resist big boisterous curls.

Sparkly Hair Accessories

A date night is the perfect excuse to sparkle and shine. If you’re going out for a fancy dinner and a night of dancing or bar hopping then pair your dancing shoes with a sparkly and bold hair accessory.


Spice up your any hairstyle with a sparkly hair accessory.

Beautiful Date Night Braids

Braids are a simple hairstyle but they don’t look easy. Braids are a great way to keep your hair styled and polished all night and it’s a great hairstyle for any date night activities.


A simple and sweet braid is perfect for your date night.

Top Knot

A classic hairstyle that says you’re fashionable, chic, but you’re not taking anything too seriously, after all, dates are suppose to be fun.


Keep it relaxed and chic with a simple top knot.

 Accessorize with a Ribbon

A great way to spice up any hairstyle is to add a ribbon. It’s a flirty hair accessory for a first or fiftieth date and they’re extremely versatile which means you can wear ribbons over and over without repeating on another date.


Ribbons are a versatile and simple way to change up your date night hairstyles.

A Straight Blow Out

You want your hair to look fabulous for your first date, and that sometimes mean you want it to look like he could easily run his fingers through your hair without getting it lost in your mane. It’s a great idea to get a blow out and have your hair sleek and straight so that it’s easy to style and play with.


Straight blown-out locks that you can run your fingers through are captivating.

A Textured Ponytail

This is the perfect combination of sexy and sweet. A ponytail is a classic and it brushes all of your hair off your face so that you can show off your smile, make up, and make your eyes pop. The textured ponytail still shows off your great locks in a sexy and flirty look.


A textured ponytail is a glamorous and stylish hairstyle for every date night.