Different Chin Length Bob Haircuts

Everybody loves the chic chin-skimming bob haircut. If you’ve tried the pixie or have spent years growing out your hair but neither seem to work for you then a long bob could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. The haircut is low maintenance, seems to almost always have a good hair day, and it suits just about every face shape and many celebrities have chin skimming haircuts. The bob haircut is as versatile as a black dress – it can be casual or it can look stunning with the right styling and it’s always a timeless look. Women struggle with creating variety with this medium-length cut so here a few great chin-length bob haircut ideas to spice up your bob haircut.

An Inverted Bob or A-line Bob

The inverted bob, also known as the ‘A-line bob’ is a bob that is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer towards the front. This isn’t the famous bob haircut of Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, but rather a subtle transition in length from back to front. The front can be more angled with a razor cut or come to a more of a blunt cut, which is up to your personal preference in addition to hair type.


An inverted bob is a fresh bob haircut.

A Chin Length Graduated Bob

The difference between a graduated bob and an inverted bob is the stacked layering in the back. The back is also rounded and curved rather than angled which you generally see in an inverted bob. This bob is tremendously trendy right now and looks amazing with the chin-skimming front length. The amount of stacking can vary depending on how much layering you want – but remember, the more layering the more of a challenge you might have when trying to grow the haircut out.


The graduated bob is defined by it’s stacked layers.

Asymmetrical Bob which is Long and Short

With an asymmetrical bob one side of the hair is longer in the front than the other. Generally, the shorter side will be chin-length while the longer side can be as long as shoulder-length but the longer side being chin-length is simply gorgeous for women who want a shorter haircut. This bob looks amazing with some wavy texture and if you choose you can add stacked layers in the back.


An asymmetrical bob looks best with wavy texture.

A Chin Length Classic Bob

The classic bob haircut is a simple blunt cut with one length all around your head. The chin-length is one of the best lengths for this haircut but if you want some subtle spice to your haircut then long layering is a simple way to add some volume. Another great way to personalize this hairstyle is with some side-swept or blunt bangs.


You can’t go wrong with a classic blunt bob.