Different Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

‘Strawberry’ implies a bold red color but strawberry blonde isn’t bold or red but rather a warm, soft color. Strawberry blonde is really a light red with blonde highlights. The hair color is an uncommon natural hair color and people often think bright orange color, deep red, or auburn hair can be called ‘strawberry blonde’.

Natural strawberry blondes generally have pale skin and covered in charming freckles. If you’re considering dying your hair strawberry blonde make sure that is fits your skin tone before taking the plunge. If you have warm skin or pink undertones then a red-blonde color could really compliment your natural look.

Rose-Gold Strawberry Blonde Hair

This trendy shade of strawberry blonde is multi-dimensional defined by golden undertones that can play-up natural warm hair and skin undertones. If you have the right skin tone then this color will make you glow.


A perfect strawberry blonde color.

Copper Strawberry Blonde

This color can give you that natural look you’re going for when you color your hair. As a natural red head or a light blonde, you can spice up your color but still look natural with a light copper red color and blonde highlights. This looks particularly well on women with green/brown eyes because it really compliments the color. The lighter you go with the copper red color the more of a strawberry blonde color you will have.


A copper-blonde is just as beautiful as strawberry-blonde.

Infused Blonde and Red

We love strawberry blonde because it’s a unique hair color that combines red and blonde but still looks completely natural. Nicole Kidman is one of our favorite strawberry blonde celebs. She sometimes opts for blonde and sometimes a deeper red but our favorite color she wears is this perfectly balanced red and blonde hair color that’s perfect with her pale skin.


Nicole Kidman has the perfect mix of blonde and red.

Blonde with Strawberry Highlights

A strawberry blonde color doesn’t always have to be more strawberry than blonde. Adding red to your lighter locks is a charming way to get a less severe blonde color, so if you’re contemplating blonde hair but are worried that it won’t look good then opt for this strawberry blonde color.


Cameron Diaz looks amazing with her blonde hair with subtle red highlights.