Easy Layered Haircuts for Long Hair to do at Home

If you have been in the need for a new haircut but don’t want to spend money at the salon then we have a few great long layered haircuts that you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

Simple Long Layers

This is the simplest way to give you layers at home. If you have long hair and want to give it a trim so that is has a fresh new look then simply add some long layers.

Simply put your hair in a high ponytail. Make sure that it doesn’t have any knots. Hold the ponytail directly in the air and slide your forefinger and middle finger until you reach the length you want to trim off. An inch or two from the end of the ponytail is recommended for long layers.

Cut Long Layers at Home

Simple long layers are easy to do at home and give your hair a fresh new look.

Long Layers with Volume

If your long hair has been dull and lifeless lately then this simply at-home layered haircut will give your hair the boost it has been looking for.

Put your hair in a smooth ponytail that is positioned right at the middle of your crown and cut off the ends at the desired length. Take your hair out, give it a simple hair flip and you will discover long layers with extra body.

Beautiful Long Layers at Home

Layers give your hair volume and movement. This DIY haircut will give you beautiful layers and an extra boost.

Long Face Framing Layers

If you want to create layers that frame your face then this simple at home haircut is perfect for you. Face framing layers look great with any face shape and every hair texture. If you want to draw attention to your eyes and facial features then this cut is perfect.

Brush your hair straightforward and style in a ponytail at the very front of your head. It’s easiest to do if you bend over and flip your head forward and then brush your hair into a smooth ponytail. The cut the ends off the ponytail at the desired length. Generally 2 to 3 inches is perfect for this look.

Long Face Framing Layers at home

Layers that frame your face look great.

Asymmetrical Layers

If you have long hair and basic long layers isn’t exactly the dramatic new haircut you were looking for then creating asymmetrical layers will give you a bolder new haircut but still allow you to keep length.

Make a ponytail at the front of the head. However, you want it to be off center on the side you part your hair. A general rule for the off center position is about 2 to 3 inches from the top of your ear. Cut the ends off. This will give you a great asymmetrical haircut.

Asymmetrical long layers at home

Asymmetrical long layers make a bold statement.

It’s important to remember the cardinal rule of hair cutting: It is better to cut off too little than too much. For all of these haircuts its best to start with a small trim and if you want to cut more length off then repeat. Of course, if you do cut off more than you wanted to just remember that it only hair and it will grow back.