How to do an Easy Updo for Short Hair


Here is a messy look updo hairstyle which is relatively easy to do

If you want to wear your short hair up here is a simple way to do it. Back in the day slick back hair with no bumps was in fashion. Nowadays messy hair is the best look so there is no need for any grease. To do this style take your hands and place them into the side of your head and pull whatever hair is there back to the back of your head, do this loosely so that the underneath layer of hair still falls down and covers your ears. Pull the top layer of your hair back and grasp it in your hands at the back of your head, push the hair slightly up and take a bobby pin to clip it at the back of your head.

Messy Look Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

An updo hairstyle with a short ponytail

You will probably have some parts of your hair that fall out, to prevent this you can once again run your fingers through the side of your head and with any loose hairs you can click them back with a Bobby Pin in total you should only need to use four pins.

A very detailed updo hairstyle using lots of bobby pins

Remember it’s a messy look that we are trying to achieve so don’t worry about too many loose hairs. To give their hair at the top of your head towards the back a bit of volume you can take a detangle comb and gently pull the hair up, if you don’t have a detangle comb, no worries you can simply go with your fingers. This is a very quick hairstyle that should only take about a minute to do you also have the choice to either wear your bangs down natural and forward or you could twist them and bobby pin your bangs to the side of your head.

Short Curly hair that’s pinned back and with the use of hairspray

If you’re going to go out and you don’t want the weather to mess it up you can spray some hairspray on it. It’s simple to do and you can go out in public and everyone will think that your hair looks absolutely fine. If the sides of your hair are slightly curly you may wish to take a flat iron and straighten them but this hairstyle is not about precise clean lines, it’s about having a structured and slightly messy look, Messy is in at the moment so don’t worry about too many flyaway hairs.


A messy pony tail from the back