Easy Updo’s that you can Wear to Work

When it comes to your work look it can be easy to get stuck in a hair rut. Wearing your hair the same way or the same few ways every day can really become boring. Women are always looking for easy updo’s that can be ready in a few minutes. There are plenty of ‘easy updo’s on the web, but once you get to the how-to’s they need French braided and a large-barrel curling iron. We know that’s not the type of easy updo you had in mind for your work day, so here are a few of the easiest updo’s that you can wear to work.

An Easy Twisted Updo for Work

This hairstyle is ultra-cute, casual enough for work, and ready in a few minutes. All you need is some bobby pins. Simply create two equal twists on both sides and pin up. Check out this helpful tutorial from ParlorDiar.


This hairstyle is easier to do than it looks.

A Quick Twist

If you have shoulder length hair or shorter then you might feel limited by your updo options. Try this easy updo twist/chignon for a simple but trendy hairstyle. All you need is bobby pins and some hairspray. A simple picture tutorial from DivaTube.


This simple twist is perfect for women with shorter hair.

A Top Knot

You can create a gorgeous messy topknot in 30 seconds or less. Simply grab a hair tie and some hair spray. An easy top-knot tutorial from Freckled-Fox.


A top knot is always fashionable.

Twist Wrapped Bun

By parting your medium-length to long hair in 3 sections, creating a bun with the middle and twisting the other two around the bun you can have a glamorous work style within minutes. Find the tutorial from AnneSage.


A low twisted bun is a great way to spice up your work hairstyles.

Unfinished Ponytail Bun

Who would have thought that by not pulling your hair through the last ponytail loop would create an easy updo that’s perfect for work? Find a tutorial on Indulgy for photos on the how-to.


This hairstyle is extremely simple but beautiful.

A Side Bun with Knotted Sides

Knots are extremely very easy to work with. Although in order to perfect the skill you might have to start with slightly damp hair and have a lot of product and bobby pins on standby. The photo below is quite advanced so simply check out this tutorial on ParlorDiary for an easy and quick version.


These knots might look difficult but they are easy and an edgy change for your work hairstyle.

A Big Knotted Bun

This is one of the easiest buns to create but it looks difficult. If you can tie a knot in your shoes, then you can recreate this knot bun. Check out ParlorDiary’s tutorial.


A knotted bun is a fun and easy alternative to the everyday pulled back hairstyle.

A Simple French Twist

A French twist is the ultimate work hairdo. It’s pulled back for the workday but also extremely glamorous. Once you have mastered the French twist it will become a go-go-to work hairstyle.  Find a simple tutorial at RealSimple.


A french braid is much easier to style than it looks.

Easy Braided Updo

Braided updo’s are simple and gorgeous, but they always seem easier to recreate in the photos then when you actually try to recreate them. This braided updo is one of the easiest you’ll try. With a little tucking and pinning you can recreate this simple braided updo in minutes, see how on Refinery29.


This simple braided hairstyle can be recreated with a little tucking and pinning before work.