Elegant Hairstyles for Prom and other Parties

Hairstyles parties elegant hairstyle

Picking a hairstyle for a party is without a doubt very complicated for all women. This fall, hairstyles are becoming more varied, giving your look an air of elegance and femininity. The following hairstyles stylize your appearance, perfect for every type of woman who wishes to improve. No matter the age, or whether it is straight or wavy, there are thousand ways to look spectacular…

Hairstyles parties elegant hairstyle
Hairstyles parties elegant hairstyle

The hairstyle that women look for their parties or parties they are invited to should make them stand out from the other guests. If you are a teenager and want a short hair hairstyle for parties you can opt for one of the ideas we recommend below.

The photos you see below show different hairstyles for short hair, ideal for parties. If we pay attention to the first lady we see a cute hairstyle with a hair above the shoulders and wavy from the middle down. As we can see the hair as sideways stripe marks the bangs that exposes the face to fall to one side.

The second image shows the same style but with her ​​hair pulled back, leaving a few loose strands to give it an original and elegant touch to the hairstyle.

Applying decorative elements in hair is also another option to wear a good hairstyle for short hair for parties. Whether a headband, tiara or crown, provided that matches the color of the dress you to look is a good idea to decorate your hair.

The image of the last frame shows as a short wavy hair can make you look beautiful. The impeller of it spans multiple wicks and lifts the hair from behind it looks very nice.

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For the use of short, curly hair, the picture below is the most attractive to look at a party option. The large and well formed from the root hair curls make this perfectly blond hair decorate the look of this woman.

Tips for styling short curly hair for parties

If you are looking for a short hairstyle look with curly hair for the party and possess a smooth hair, then we will detail step by step how to achieve curls to look at the party:

First and foremost is to clean the hair to start treating curly. To do this we must wash our hair with cold water and compound Shampoo with natural elements. Hot water is not recommended because it makes our hair is thin and you can not appreciate curly hair in its splendour.

After that you have to dry it and remove the remaining water and Shampoo, but trying to keep damp hair as this way acquire more volume curls and beauty. To achieve this we can resort to using a cotton towel around the hair to absorb the extra water, dry completely without hair. Not recommended the use of electric elements that provide heat and hot air in excess of our curls may damage the hair.

Once finished drying, to keep moisture in the hair we can use styling gel or cream and apply it throughout the hair moderately, because if we apply a lot could generate problems when making curly.

Using curling

First we must be clear about the size of the ripples we want, since there are different steps to build a curly hair.

Hairstyle for short wavy blond hair is like the image you see above. The same is decorated with colored glass and Pins is ideal for showing off at parties or events. The pins serve not only to decorate hairstyle parties, but are also a great item to keep hair waves in strong position.

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If we choose to pick a prom hairstyle with long hair, the picture below is a good example. The waves are well marked and bleach hair that starts a little above the roots makes this a good hairstyle for parties. For this hairstyle to fulfill its function, it should be an average runner in the back and pick up in half, dropping the ends on the back.

If you have an Afro style you should be grateful to have a thick hair and a half in itself. This makes it easier for parties wear a short hairstyle as these hairstyles add beauty to African girls. This hairstyle looks great if those little leftover ends and unmanageable hair showing split ends trimmed.

The Pixie style definitely makes a strong personality and can even look good on people who use it. If you have natural curls and short pixie hair this style is ideal for showing off at a party, it’s a matter of taste and encouraged.

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