Fabulous Hairstyle Tips for Women With Short Hair

Some women like actress Halle Berry and singer Pink, can really look good with short hair. However, in general there are fewer short hairstyles than hairstyles for long hair, and how many of those women with short hair looking for a beautiful hairstyle for a formal event like a wedding or prom. You might find this a challenge. That said, do not lose hope! If you have short hair, there are ways that you can still achieve a glamorous look, gorgeous.

glamorous short hair

First, do not forget that there are indeed advantages to having short hair. For example, tends to be very low maintenance and easy to manage. You do not have to worry about long curly hair flattening during a formal event, or your hair being tousled into a mop by a strong wind. With short hair, no hair of these mishaps is presented and can be seen elegantly stylish, relaxed and carefree no matter what the situation.

Short hair ideas for formal events

Some of the more unique short hair ideas for formal events encountered in short listed below. Some of them involve the use of accessories to provide a more interesting look, and some focus on ideas to make your hair look longer if you want to have that effect during the event. Of course, these will not be for everyone, and if not, it would be advisable to consult the websites, magazines and fashion catalogs that offer wedding pictures of hairstyles for short hair, as well as additional ideas for help spruce up.

short hair ideas for formal events

So if you are preparing to attend an upcoming formal event and are bored with your short haircut, here are some unique ideas that are worth experiencing, with no particular order.

Long hair illusion with short hair

If you need to create the illusion of having long hair, tie your hair up and attach a large jewelry or flowers in the back clip. Use a delicate ribbon to push back her hair. Curl your hair in soft waves.

Pixie Short Hair for Weddings

Put small jewelry pins randomly around your hair to give a glossy effect. Use a long silk scarf or a pure girdle, put it on top of your head, and tie it at the nape of her neck. Part hair on one side and use an intricate wig.

Short hair with Volume

Brush your hair upwards and use a pin to securely attach a headpiece of your choice. You can also use a jeweled comb to achieve the same effect. Take a tip from the Asians. Some Asian women with pixie haircut cut their strokes on one side with a small flower clip. If you absolutely, positively want your hair look longer at the event, you can always try hair extensions.

short hair ribbon

In the final analysis, sporting a short haircut you should not stop experimenting with different hairstyles and accessories. If you have short hair to chin or just above her shoulders a bob cut or layered pixie cut, you can always play with your hairstyle to find a unique and elegant style for any formal event. All you need is a little creativity and imagination.

Short Hair looking like long hair