Find the Perfect Fringe for Your Face Shape

Bangs are a big decision so before you make the chop make sure you understand which fringe is best for your face shape. Choosing the right bang for your face shape will highlight your best facial features, create balance, and hide any potential flaws. Here are a few tips for choosing the best fringe.

Oval Face Shape with a Fringe

This is the face shape women are always trying to create the illusion they have because it has great balance and proportions. The oval face is 2 times long and 1 time wide. The forehead and jawline are the same width and your face is rounded with no strong features and your face is widest at the cheekbones.

The lucky oval face shaped ladies can pull off round, blunt, or side-swept bangs. The best fringe for an oval face is a longer bold blunt bang. If you have fine hair then opt for a bang that can be side-swept. It’s important the bangs don’t go much further than the end of your eyebrows because it could create an illusion of a square face.

Blunt Fringe for Women with Oval Faces

Women who have oval faces look great with blunt fringe.

Fringe for a Round Face Shape

If you are always told that you look much younger than your age, then you probably have a round face. A round chin and full cheeks with very few angles describe it, and it is wider and fuller than it is long. The widest parts on the face are the cheeks and the ears.

Fringe is not frequently recommended for round faces because they tend to make the face look even fuller. However, bangs are for everyone and if you have a round face then don’t fear a great fringe. Simply opt for a side-swept layered bang that flows into your hair. This will soften wide cheeks. If you do want a blunt bang, then go for it, just make sure they are cut long and thick because short blunt bangs will make your face look shorter.

Best Fringe for Women with Round Faces

Women with round faces look great with long fringe.

Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shape face this means that tour face is longer than it is wide, your forehead and jaw line are similar in length, and your face is widest at the forehead, though the cheeks are wide. The heart shaped face is defined by its prominent strong chin.

The goal with your fringe is to create balance and minimize the appearance of the chin and draw attention to your eyes and gorgeous cheekbones. The best fringe for heart-shaped faces are soft and short side-swept bangs to draw attention away from the narrow chin line and up towards your eyes.

Bangs for Heart Shaped Faces

Bangs for heart-shaped faces should bring attention to the eyes.

Fringe for your Oblong/Rectangular Face Shape

The oblong face is unique. It’s a long, narrow and straight shape. The forehead cheekbones, and jawline do not have much significant difference in width and cheeks are often described as hollow. The goal should be to add shape

Bangs are perfect for this face shape. Long blunt bangs are great oblong/rectangular face shapes because it creates the illusion of a shorter face while adding dimension and angles. Try to avoid long chin-sweeping layered fringe because it will add more length. Opt for rounded bangs to balance out your long and rectangular features.

Bangs for Women with Oblong Faces

Women with rectangular faces should get bangs that shorten their face.