Good-Looking Hairstyles for Older Women

If you are going for a regal classic look, or want a hairstyle that makes you look ten years younger, there are plenty of options for you. Your hair can say a lot about your numerical age and the age you actually feel. Don’t feel restricted by the dated hair rules for mature women like the length should never go beyond the chin, or you have to dye it a certain color.

Honestly, hair rules are really just trends that fashion magazines and beauty editors turn into ‘rules.’ So if you read a rule for mature women’s hair a decade ago, chances are it is now the newest trend.  The key is to emphasize your best features and have a hairstyle that makes you feel confident.

Hair-dye and Highlights

Gray and white hair happens because our natural hair pigment is no longer there, unfortunately this is part of the aging process. On the bright side it gives us the opportunity to play with new shades of highlighting and dyes. This should be done to emphasize our complexion and still resemble our natural hair to avoid looking fake. A general rule of thumb is to only go one or two shades lighter or dark from your natural current hair color.

Women tend to dye their hair blonder to keep up with their naturally lightening hair. However, our skin tends to turn yellowish as we age and blonde does not always compliment our skin tone. If you were born with dark hair then you probably have earthy skin tones such as orange, brown, or gold. Warmer undertones look better with warm hair colors like golden and honey colors. If you were born with light hair then you probably have cool skin tones like blue, pink or green. These tend to look better with cooler colors such as blonde or auburn brown. Regardless of your skin tone or hair color try to stay clear from ashy colors as they emphasize grays.

Highlights add dimension and contrast to your hair, which spices things up from a boring solid hair color. They are also great for framing your face and making your hair color look more natural. If you have olive-skin then generally a brunette color with reddish lowlights work best; if you have a light skin complexion than a light brown color with light blonde highlights are ideal.

Perfect Highlights for Older Women

This warm base color and perfect highlights add dimension and youth to the hairstyle.

The Question of Gray Hair

If you have found a fondness of your new graying hair, then wear it with pride and confidence. If you don’t want to be bothered with monthly maintenance, worrying about roots showing, or with the expense of hair dye, then by all means you should keep it.

Studies show that by the age of 50 almost all women have some gray hair, so if you are one of the women who have gray hair but actually like the beautiful color or want to embrace your aging then don’t listen to what other people say about what you should do, and do what is best for you.

Gray Hair Looks Natural and Beautiful on Older Women

If you love your natural gray hair color then wear it with confidence.

You Don’t Look Like a Hippie with Long Hair

A lot of people think that once you have turned 40 or 50 you have to chop off your locks and opt for a more “age appropriate” hairstyle, and that is simply absurd. There are plenty of women (and not just celebrities with expensive hair stylist) who look beautiful with longer hair. It should not be about length, it should be about what style flatters your face shape best, your hair’s texture, and of course your hair’s health.

As we age our hair tends to lose its health and luster. If you want to keep shoulder length hair or longer then you should show it more attention and care. It’s important to buy appropriate hair products like volumizing or thickening shampoo and conditioner.  If you add a few layers and a side-swept bang it will lighten your hair, give it more volume, and take years off your look.

Older Women Look Great with Long Hair

Having longer locks looks amazing on many face shapes, regardless of your age.

Time For a change

If you have been wearing the same hairstyle for the past 25 years, then it’s probably time for a new hair-do. Different hairstyles work for different body shapes, face shapes, and even the way we dress.

A great change for mature women is adding some fresh new bangs to their hairstyle. If you have had bangs then maybe it’s time to change it up to a new long side-swept bang that will take years off your face, hide wrinkles and other potential emerging aging flaws, and focus attention on your hair and face shape rather than your neckline.

Tip: Best bangs for your face shape:

  • Square – Long side-sweep that grazes the eyebrow. This will emphasize your angular features.
  • Round – Similar to square shapes, a long angular bang works best. This is an easy way to add length to your face and make it appear slimmer.
  • Heart – You should avoid blunt bangs because it makes your face appear unsymmetrical. A wispy fringe that is layered and feathered is perfect.
  • Oval – This face shape can get away with anything. If you want a blunt fringe, side swept, wispy straight across – anything you want you can get away with it.
Beautiful Bangs For Older Women

These side swept wispy bangs frame are perfect for older women.