Hair Beach Look to Attract All the Guys

It is late and you already feel the breeze marina announcing that the Sun is falling. We must return home after a long day at the beach. However, you get a perfect at the snack bar plan, so that less fancy right now is to go home to sit in front of the television.

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But gives you a bit of shame go to a terrace with your beach look somewhat disastrous to which must be added sand in ears and your crazy hair, what can you do?

For starters, you can not miss a good plan simply by not going with the right clothes. You have to be prepared to do after beach and extend summer evenings all you want.

How? By choosing one of the three looks of beach that we propose.

You don’t need much to go down to the beach: a bikini, towel and sunscreen.

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However, if you then want to join more interesting plans, ideally have several multipurpose looks. Outfits that you can wear to the beach and with that then you are presentable in pubs, dinner at foot of beach or beer at the bar of the side.

You have to find a balance between a beach look left and look too formal. He thinks that you sand and nitrate can end up ruining your clothes, so it is best to use your wardrobe casual clothes that are easy to wash and maintain.

A look to go to the beach and feel great is composed of shorts, jeans and a white t-shirt. Casual, summery and suitable for any plan that emerges later.

Sure you have many of these pieces in your wardrobe, but if you want to get a look like this you have it very easy and more now on sale!


If you are looking for a more fixed look and will be trend, no doubt you need a Bohemian Beach look. Like the previous one, it is super easy to get more this season than the fashion 70’s is booming and you can find many stores long skirts. You will only need a long skirt in a fun print or vibrant color and a smooth fluid top.


In summer, my favorite item is the dress. Easy donning and doffing on the beach, it doesn’t take nearly space and hardly gives warmth. For your beach look choose a cool dress and some patterned alegre.


A great option is a striped sailor-inspired dress. It is carefree and classic at the same time. If you also wear a red lipstick in the basket of the beach, you can go direct to take cocktails.