Hairstyles for a High Forehead

A high forehead is actually a common facial characteristic that is used to define beauty but you can use your hairstyles and your high forehead together to create a gorgeous look. Chances are you know whether or not you have a high forehead, because you’ve been called or have called yourself “fivehead.” A clever nickname but sometimes you need a clever haircut to hide the long forehead to create a more proportionate shape.

Here are some simple hairstyle tricks that can minimize or disguise your high forehead:

A Side-Swept Part

A simple side-sweep is all it takes sometimes to minimize a forehead. A dramatic side-sweep will discretely cover a forehead without the maintenance of bangs.


Short Layers and Long Hair

This is best for women who have medium to thin long hair. You want to incorporate some short layers that begin at the nose or the chin. This look is great with a side or center part, whichever works for your face shape.


Short or Medium Length Wavy Hair

A short wavy hairstyle will add width to your face, which will balance your longer forehead. Again this look works with either center or side parts but you definitely can’t go wrong with some long side-swept bangs with a wavy bob.


Side-Swept Hairstyles

By simple styling your hair in a side-swept braid of side-swept curls you can draw eyes away from the top of your head and to the side. Add some volume around the side of your head for some additional width for balancing.


Blunt Bangs

This is the obvious cut to hide a large forehead but of course a large forehead doesn’t mean you have a long face shape so make sure that they work for your face. Blunt bangs rather they are wispy and slightly angled, or full and straight across will help shorten your face shape and hide a long forehead.


Bardot Bangs

The Bardot-inspired bangs will add width to the side of your forehead as well as hide the width and they require less maintenance than blunt bangs.