Hairstyles for Curly hair


When you are surrounded by celebrities, rock stars and royalty on holiday, you need a curly hairstyle that grabs some of the attention for you. Don’t be afraid to make an impact with your hair. High-octane glamour is the only way to go – your hair has to be big, bold and full of body to make sure you really stand out from the crowd.


This Blonde Women has lovely medium length curly hair


Long Curly Hairstyles

By day you need to look sleek and chic for lounging on the beach and hanging out in cafes drinking cappuccinos and watching the world go by. Stick to simple styles for low-maintenance elegance and remember, less is more for the daytime. Long curly hairstyles are a good addition to smooth ponytails, neat bobs and understated twists will give you effortless style. But by night, you need to rev up the pace with all-out glitz and glamour – go for big hair every time. The best way to achieve this look is by back combing or back brushing your hair, but remember only to backcomb the roots, otherwise you will be left with an uncontrollable bird’s nest, instead of St Tropez glam! Remember, too, that all the sun and nightly hairstyling will take its toll on your long curly hair. Whenever you get the chance on holiday, bathe your locks in a nutritious hair mask to keep the gloss and shine in your hair.


Curly locks look great on this girl