Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

It is a common myth that naturally curly hair is difficult to manage and style it has a lot of spunk and life and does not require much work to be spruced up for any occasion. Consider yourself blessed if you have naturally curly hair because achieving a bouncy natural curly hair look is more difficult than straightening your hair.  Below are some hairstyles for people with natural curly hair that are simple to create.

Curly Twists

There is one trick to creating long lasting twists that will get you through the day and that is to hold the twist tightly while you are twisting your hair.  If you allow some slack the twist will unloosen and you’ll find your hair falling back down to your face.  Twists can tame a wild curly mane and give you a balanced and elegant look you can also choose to wear a twist with bangs.  It keeps wild curls out of your face and you can use a varied selection of hair accessories to keep the twists in such as bobby pins and clips.


Twist up your curls for a simple and stylish curly hairstyle.

High Ponytail for Naturally Curly Hair

You want to rock your curly locks with pride but you don’t want them getting frizzy, falling in your eyes, or simply getting out of control throughout the day. A high ponytail is high fashion and it’s the perfect way to tie back those curls but still show them off.


This is the perfect everyday look for curly hair.

Au Natural

If you’ve got curly hair then you’ve probably gone through phrases of loving your curly locks to wishing they were tame and straight. Over the years you learn to love your unruly mane and appreciate it for the craziness that it is. There is no better look than au natural so give your hair a perfect center part or a slight side-swept part and wear your naturally locks au natural – throw in a clip or barrette for a simple but glamorous style.


A simple side part and hair clip can tame your curls beautifully.