Hairstyles For Women According To The Shape Of The Face

Face hairstyles shape

Every woman has a completely different face shape and to each shape a different hairstyle favors him. Oval face, long face, or heart-shaped face are some of them. Celebrity hairstyles, infinite.

It is not the same having an oval face that having a face that tends to be elongated, as one they sit you better waves and curly hair and other layers; by this we will discover what is the hairstyle that most us favours.
Face hairstyles shape

Hairstyles that suit us best according to our face

Women with oval face have a great luck, because any hairstyle will sit them well. The long hair or medium bobs with layers at the sides accentuate the face and it is usually a good choice. Waves falling on the shoulders give you volume and demarcate your cheekbones, so your face will look more redondita. The famous bob haircut will help fill the gaps that face looks slimmer, creating a balance.

The elongated face favor you more celebrity hairstyles with short hair with volume; These create width, since they leave bare neck, which accentuates the rounded off our faces. The average hair creates a cut on the face and makes it look rounder. With this type of face should prevent the smooth long melanas and choose them to give more volume to our hair. Layers, curly hair and hairstyles with waves are ideal, create a perfect harmony between face and hair.

For round faces the most appropriate is a unique hairstyle, long layers create an illusion of lengthening. We must prevent the volume at the sides, they take width which is what we do not need precisely. We can wear a medium hair by the shoulders or, if we prefer to wear it long, the best is to take a hairstyle that is greater than the height of our Chin.

The heart-shaped face is the one in the Chin excels it. The average hair stuck to the face is an excellent choice. Most successful is to take off-center stripe will help us fully conceal the width of our temples and cheekbones, although celebrity hairstyles with the stripe in the middle are the most flattering, since they create a symmetrical cut in our face that brings balance.

Face hairstyles shape