Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

A haircut can be the difference between looking 10 years younger or 10 years older than your actual age. A fresh haircut can be just as effective as face creams and face-lifts. Follow these helpful tips and you can skip the expensive cosmetics and still look young and vibrant.

Bangs can make you look younger

Most of us are familiar with the de-aging powers of bangs. They say it’s either bangs or Botox – if you wan to avoid the Botox option then follow these simple tips to achieving the perfect face-lifting bang for you.

When you are getting bangs ask your stylist for their opinion on the perfect cut, they should be familiar with your hairs texture and how you like your hair to be styled.

If you are scared of making the commitment to bangs then simply opt for the long swept bang, they are truly easy to maintain and grow out fast and they are the perfect youthful look. If you are ready for the plunge then ultimate stylist Alexa Chung says a “messy” bang rather than a blunt sleek bang is the hottest fringe you can have.

The Best Bangs for your face shape:

  • Heart Shape – You want to balance out your long chin and wide forehead so opt for a long side-sweeping bang that has subtle layers and touches your chin.
  • Round Shape – Go for the side swept bang. Try to keep them so they fall between your eyebrows and eyelashes, this will avoid adding too more shape around the sides of your face. Avoiding cut the bangs too short or they will look too severe and highlight flaws associated with aging.
  • Oval Shape – Similar to the round face you should also skip too short or severe fringe. Try a fringe that is long swept on both sides to balance your face and make you appear youthful.
  • Square Shape – These lucky ladies should choose the timeless and chic blunt bang. This will give you a classic look that will make you appear youthful and it’s the best for hiding any forehead flaws.

Before you go under the knife or needle try the face-lifes made possible by bangs. They hide wrinkles, scars, big foreheads, sunspots, and balance non-symmetrical faces. They truly are the ultimate age defier.

Side Swept Bangs to Look Younger

Rachel McAdams defies the laws of aging with her stylist side-swept bangs.

Get a Loose Cut

If you want to look youthful then you must add some subtle layers. Nothing says you have aged like hair with no movement. If you have stiff, conservative hair that doesn’t move you will age a decade. Whether you have a bob, shoulder-length hair, a pixie, or long locks you should get soft layers that frame your face. Layers soften your entire appearance and give your hair a healthy youthful appearance. Add loose waves and curls to really give your hair body and a vibrant appearance.

Although blunt cuts are chic when you are younger, as you age they tend to add a few years to your age, or they could seem like you are trying too hard to appear younger. Of course we are in no way suggesting you get a ‘mom-do’ or whatever hairdo you were told you was ‘age-appropriate’ but keep up with 6-week trims and maintain healthy, layered, and moveable hair.

Haircuts that make you look younger

This long layered hairstyle gives your hair movement and youthfulness.

Youthful Hairstyles

Now that we have discussed the haircut that keeps you young, lets cover a few hairstyles that will keep you looking trendy, fresh, and modish. When you are styling your hair you want to keep your hairstyles youthful and not mature and dated. There are a simple styling tips that can help you achieve this exuberant look.

  • Keep your hair parted to one side. Pick your best side and style accordingly. Center parts are similar to blunt cuts – they are too severe and therefore they are aging.
  • For flattering updo’s keep it simple and glamorous. Keep the part sided or undefined, and don’t add too much volume. Keep strands loose and random.
  • Add full body curls. The voluminous effects from all over curls can help conceal the issue of hair thinning, and it also gives the appearance of healthy and full body hair.
Youthful Hairdos For Older Women

This side-parted and loose hairstyle makes Heidi Klum look young and playful.