Hairstyles that Disguise Roots

After an expensive trip to the salon we want our hair color to last, but unfortunately for many women, the dye doesn’t always last your next appointment. There are a lot of tips, products, and hairstyles that can help you get through until your next appointment.

Undefined and off center parts

When we think about bad roots we think about a middle part and the roots being glaringly obvious so the easiest way to soften up the harsh roots is by creating a zigzag or off-center part.


Off-center parts for disguising roots.

Use Headbands and Scarves

The simplest way to hide roots is to get creative with your hair accessories. Dig through your closet and find a stylish scarf or headband, and remember the thicker that it is the more effective it will be at covering your roots. When in doubt – grab a hat!


Scarves and hair accessories will help hide your roots.

Add Volume and Curls

The more volume you add around the crown of your hair, the less noticeable grown in roots will be. The fullness of waves and curls will lift your roots more and hide any grown in color or grays and it’s also a stylish and chic look.


Curls and volume will disguise grown in roots.

Textured Bedhead Hair

The first and foremost trick for disguising roots is avoiding slick and sleek hairstyles so the best trick is to embrace texture and use your natural bed head. By creating texture with dry shampoo and maybe a texturing product you can enhance your natural bed head hair and this can save you time from curling. Instead you can lift your roots and disguise them until your next salon visit.


Textured bedhead is perfect for hiding roots.

A French Braid Can Help  Hide your Roots

A simple and stylish way to hide your roots is with a French braid. You can opt for a traditional French braid or switch it up with the recent trendy and chic Crown French Braid or have a French braid into a low bun.


Braided hairstyles to hide roots.

Bangs Hide Your Hairline

Deep and waterfall bangs hide the hairline and roots all together so they are great for hiding roots. Side-swept bangs also help hide the front of your hairs roots so if you have a side-swept bang you can easily hide some of your roots and you can use volume to disguise the rest of your hairline.


Bangs are great for hiding roots.