Hairstyles to Wear with Winter Hats

The winter season is upon us and a lot of us have to deal with high winds and low temperatures by bundling up with hats, scarves, and heavy jackets. Hats can be ultra-cute and fashionable but they can also leave us wondering what to do with our hair to prevent hat hair and to look cute even under all those layers. If you’re looking for some hat and hair inspiration we’ve got some great look ideas.


Cute hairstyles with winter fashion hats.

Loose Waves look Great with a Winter Hat

Sure not everyone is born with natural loose curls but with a few curling iron tricks or a wet braid left to dry you can have glamorous loose waves and this look is perfect for a winter hat. Leaving your hair down and full will add extra warmth too.


Loose waves are warm and glamorous for the winter months.

Side Braid Hair and a Hat

You can’t pull your hair back in a messy top knot with a hat but you can keep it low and side swept with a simple braid that will keep your winter hair styled and help prevent hat hair. For an even chicer look opt for a fishtail braid.


If you want to tame your winter locks under your hat then opt for a side-braid.

Low Bun

With hats you have to keep your updo’s low but updo’s are soft, warm and charming for the winter season. Rather you opt for a pillbox hat, a big floppy fashion hat, or a more structured winter cap this look is perfect.low-bun-with-winter-hatlow-bun-with-winter-hatlow-bun-with-winter-hatlow-bun-with-winter-hat


A low bun is the perfect look with a big floppy winter hat.


Side-Swept Bangs and a Beanie Hat

Beanies seem to work flawlessly with blunt bangs or no bangs but not all hats are so easy. Bangs can be tricky with hats but so is a big forehead. A great way to control your bangs and keep your feminine look with a winter cap or hide a large forehead is to style your side-swept bangs with your cap.


Side swept bangs are perfect for a hat that’s worn pushed back.

Side-Swept Ponytail

This easy look takes a minute to perfect and works with every type of hat from beanies to baseball caps and floppy hats. Whichever style winter hat you choose you can’t go wrong with a simple side-ponytail.


A side-swept pony is simple and classic with a winter hat.