Hairstyles with Twisted Bangs

Here are some quick and easy hairstyles for short hair. If most of the time you just wear your hair down but sometimes you do like it up there are some simple hairstyles that you can do. These can come in handy for when maybe you wish to go to the gym or go and visit a friend and you really don’t want to spend too much time doing your hair. Or simply if your hair just doesn’t look that good that day it’s nice to have some quick and easy updos. If you have short hair anything that you choose to do with your bangs is really going to act like a new hairstyle. You can simply pin your bangs back or add a twist, its up to you.


Selena Gomez with her bangs pinned back

So for example if you take a handful of hair from the front then take it to the back, pinch it and insert a bobby pin and attach your bangs to the middle of your head. This will act as a new hairstyle. It’s very quick and easy to do and at least you look like you’ve done something with your hair.

Twist your Bangs

Another style you can do is the twist at the front of your head you can do this by individually taking centimetre widths of your hair, pull the hair back and with the next layer pull it back over the previous layer of hair and keep on repeating this, then use a bobby pin to click the hair to the side of your head.


You can try twisting your bangs at the front of your head

The twist is a good hairstyle for a short hair it adds volume to your bangs it’s very quick to do and looks pretty.


Here’s how to twist your bangs