Half Up and Half Down Bridal Hairstyles

Half up hair do’s are perfect for your wedding day. They look great with veils of all variety’s, show off your gorgeous dress, keeps your hair off your face so that everybody can see you on your special day, but also allows you to style your long hair with flowers, braids, twists, and curls. Another great thing about half up and half down do’s is the fact that they look perfect for formal or casual and summer or winter weddings for bridesmaids and attendees. Here are some of our favorite half up and half down wedding hairstyles.

Tied Up Loose Curls on Your Wedding Day

If you want a natural hairstyle for your wedding day that doesn’t look too formal but still says you’re the main event, then consider this look. Styling your hair with relaxed waves and pulling it back so that the front is full of wavy volume and set in place with a beautiful wedding-style hairpiece that matches your jewelry.


A Tiara for the Bride with a Loose Bun and Waves

This half up half down hairdo is similar to the one mentioned above with a bolder twist. The hair is styled with loose waves but the top layers of your hair are pulled back into a loose, messy, but styled bun, then style with an elegant tiara for a gorgeous bridal touch. This look is perfect for a bride who has strong facial features and long flowing hair.


 Side Curls with a Wedding Head Band

If you are going to be wearing a headband then this is a great hairstyle option. Your hair should be swept to one side with big barrel curls. Keep the back pinned up to keep the hair styled to once side, but the hair should be left down. Style with a headband so that there is volume around the crown to match the voluminous curls. This hairstyle looks perfect with strapless and backless dresses because it shows off your dress, shoulders, and back but still allows you to wear your hair down.


Big Traditional Bridal Curls

One of the traditional bridal hairstyles is long perfectly styled curls. This look is timeless and elegant but if you want to personalize and modernize it then part your hair to the side and pull both sides back so that they have big volume and movement and pin with elegant hair accessories that match your theme and dress.


A Natural Half Up Hairstyle Looks Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

Perhaps you don’t want a hairstyle that is full of curls, pearls, flowers, and baby breath but would rather have a natural and simple hairstyle that is still glamorous, then try this simple half up half down wedding hairstyle. Style your hair with very minimal and loose curls at the end of your locks, and pull your hair back into a half up hairstyle and pin with subtle clips. We recommend you tease your hair around the crown to give your hair up hairstyle amazing volume in the back. It will still look natural and simple but give it that extra special ‘wedding’ feel.


Twisted-Beauty Half Up Hairstyle

If your wedding day philosophy is ‘go big or go home’ then you should consider a hairstyle that has a lot of glam, bobby pins, and curls. We love this half up half down hairstyle that is styled at the top back and forth and then half way down the head, around the nap of the neck stop the back and forth look and simply let your curled locks hang down. Simply style with a glamorous barrette to tie your hairstyle in with your wedding dress.