Hot New Hair Color Trend: Splashlight

A new trend has been making a splash in the world of hair color. While ombre has been the biggest trend in hair color over the past year, it’s beginning to lose it’s trendy appeal and that has made room for this funky new hair coloring style: splashlight. Splashlight is a horizontal thick band of bleached hair that stretches across the width of your hair. You simply ‘paint’ the undermost layers of the band with bleach.


Rocking the splashlight hair trend

What is Splashlight Hair?

The creator of the look, colorist Aura Freidman said on her tumblr that her inspiration was her desire to create the effect of a laser beam hitting the hair. Freidman has also been given credit for kicking off the ombre and pastel streak trends.

Although the look might sound a bit too edgy or funky at first, once you seek the look you definitely understand the appeal. It’s a fresh new look, and people always want to change up their hairstyle. The look is subtle enough that it doesn’t take away from your natural look but bold enough that it will turn heads.


Splashlight hair color

Is Splashlight Right for You?

Splashlight is rather versatile and can be pulled off by just about any texture and length. However, it works best for straight hair that is at least medium length. The splashlight effect looks chic on curly and wavy hair too because it adds subtle dimension.

Ombre is definitely one of the most versatile coloring trends and it works on everyone but this splashlight is the best for round faces because it can create the illusion of width. If you have a round face and want the look just make sure you put the splashlight band in a place that isn’t horizontal with

Here are some of our favorite splashlight looks:


Copper splashlight effect


Splashlight in blonde hair


Blonde splashlight in brown hair


Blonde splashlight in copper hair


Splashlight works well in curly hair


Jessica Biel with soft splashlight hair


Splashlight adds dimension with wavy hair


Kim K takes selfie with splashlight highlights

If you’re looking for a new take on the old ombre then splashlight is a fun and gorgeous hair coloring option.