How to Create Volume from Flat Hair

Having dull and lifeless hair can be frustrating. You want to get those amazing hairstyles that are full of body and life but your hair is flat on top and simply doesn’t want to be big, bold, and boisterous. There are plenty of things you can do create that volume if you have thin or fine hair. Follow these hair care and styling tips to get the volume that you desire.


Volume creates beautiful and luscious hairstyles.

Don’t Use a lot of Product

You might want to use mousse and curling sprays because curls create volume, but products weigh your hair down and create build up around your roots. You can find some volumizing shampoos and conditioners and try to stick with the same brand because they were made to work together. Avoid conditioning your roots but rather start your conditioning process half way down your hair and only condition from mid-way down to your roots.

Volumizing Hair Products for Flat Hair

That being said – volumizing hair products are engineered to prevent weighing down your hair and does not contain conditioning agents. This can be an effective way to get volume without changing your styling routine too much or your haircut.

Invest in your Hair Dryer

You may have noticed that after you leave the hair salon your hair has more life than you ever thought possible. That’s because quality hair tools make a difference on hair styling. Although a really great hair dryer can be expensive, you can save up or add it to your holiday wish list – it’s worth the difference that it will make.


By blow drying your hair correctly you can achieve amazing volume.

Proper Blow Drying Tricks

Investing in a great hair dryer is a great idea, but even if you don’t, you can use any hair dryer to create amazing volume. Rather than bending over tilt your head to the side, this will prevent it from looking straggly and therefore prevent over brushing. Occasionally you should blow dry your hair on the opposite side of where you part your hair, there will give it more volume. Use a large round brush when you’re finishing the blow dry to create luster and volume.

Use Hot Rollers

They are the perfect way to add volume to fine or thin hair and added bonuses that it’s really easy and creates amazing wavy texture. Use the larger hot rollers around the roots and top layers and use the smaller hot rollers on the back of your hair for the best volume and bounce. You can simply put them in first thing in the morning, get dressed, do your make up, and take them out, or sleep with them in overnight.


Hot rollers are a perfect way to get volume.

Large Barrel Curling Iron

If you don’t want to invest the time or money in hot rollers than a large 2” curling iron should do the trick. Use the curling iron at the roots to give your hair added volume and tame fly-aways.

A Touch of Hair Spray

I know we said to stay away from products but a little hairspray can be a great partner in your quest for volume. Flip your hair upside down and spray a little hairspray evenly around your roots. Avoid touching or styling the wet hairspray until it has dried.

The Power of Layers

We’ve all seen celebs like Jennifer Aniston on the cover of magazines with hair that looks like it’s blowing in the wind with lots of body and volume. Well, that’s because it is blowing in the wind but if you have dull hair then layers can give you the boost that you’ve been looking for.  You don’t have to get the ‘Rachel’ layered hairstyle either. All you need are a few long layers that graze your chin in front and longer layers around the head for a full-of-life look.


Wispy layers can give your hair the boost it needs.