How to do a PonyTail Hairstyle for Short Hair


Short hair style that has been put back into a ponytail

Here’s how to do a Ponytail with Short Hair

Firstly, take a thin and small hair tie band you don’t want it to be too thick as it would be hard to hold your hair because you do only have short hair.


Here is a slightly messy look pony tail

Take your hair from the front and with your fingers try and pull as much of it back as you can. Take your hair band and wrap it round twice so that you can make your ponytail. At the back of your head you will probably have a lot of hair towards the base of your neck that won’t stand up in the ponytail to deal with these take a large headband. With the headband put it over your head and underneath the hairs at the back.

Use a Headband with your Ponytail

Use the Headband to help catch smaller hairs

Slightly raise the headband at the back of your head and that should catch the small hairs, now with an average size hair clip you should be able to clip those hairs to the back of your head. So that your hair isn’t too swept back and doesn’t look too tight against the head you can put your fingers in your hair and gently pull it forward so that the hair rises up to give a slightly messy look on the top. You can either pin your bangs back or wear them forward it’s your choice. You can also choose to have your wispy hair by your ears down or wear them behind your ears.