How to Get Natural Looking Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair

A naturally wavy hairstyle looks great on this model

Today we will learn how to make a hairstyle with natural waves and  lots of volume. It is a hairstyle that can be worn on a day to day basis since it is comfortable, modern and cosmopolitan. We will explain the entire process from wet to dry.

Use conditioner without rinse to reduce frizz

Start applying a conditioner without rinse because it doesn’t dirty the hair and helps de-tangle and reduces frizz. It Leaves hair softer, shinier and is also a thermal protector for when we use the iron.

Distribute the conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Now, divide your hair into sections.  Let the bottom layer become loose and use pegs to keep the top section of your hair straight.

Dry your strands

The best way is to use a hair dryer to dry it strand by strand. If the hair is very wet then it is advisable to dry it a bit before using the hair dryer with a towel. You should dry each strand from the roots to the ends and try to pull the hair from the root to gain a little volume, especially in the layers above and then slip the brush to the tip, there’s no need to make it look perfect. The three main objectives of the hair dryer are:

  • Leave the dry hair iron to use later.
  • Remove a little frizz and give a smoother texture to the hair.
  • Provide volume.
Jessica Biel wavy hairstyle

Jessica Biel has natural waves at the base of her hair

How to make your natural curls with a hair iron

The rest is done with a hair iron. You should ensure that the hair is dry and make a final blow dry with your head down to get a bit more volume. Turn the iron on so that it starts to warm up and at the same time separate your hair into sections. To make a curl we take a lock and put it in the iron by the middle part, press and turn 180° gliding gently to the end of the hair. As a general rule when you group together less strands you  will achieve more but smaller curls, so you can adapt this to your liking. Keep doing strand by strand from the lower parts to the upper ones until all the hair is done.

Once completed you can set the curls with some hairspray. It is advisable to use a flexible hairspray that leaves no residue . Finally, apply a moisturising oil spray protector which apart from helping moisturise the hair it will make curls look better and with a more natural wave. The best way to apply the oil is to deposit a small amount in your hand and run your fingers through the hair.