How to Get Temporary Vivid Highlights

Bright and bold colors have been right on trend recently and if you’ve seen them and thought they are just for teenagers or those who embrace the punk-rock look then think again. From the dip-dyed colors to the streaks of bold blue weaved throughout a blunt bob, the vivid highlights are trendy and funky but for a lot of us, we can’t simply permanently dye our hair pink or have blue hair like Katy Perry because of work and personal preference but there are a few ways to achieve this edgy look without permanent hair dye, but once you’ve tried these temporary vivid highlights, you just might want to make them permanent!

Put in Some Vivid Clip-Ins

This is one of the easiest ways to add some bright colors to your hair for an event or party and simply take them out at the end of the night. Your local beauty supply store will have colorful clip-ins in a variety of colors so you can add one or five colors to your locks.


Red clip-in highlights

Eye Shadow Highlights to Color your Hair

If you have a fun festival coming up, a holiday party, or you just want some vivid highlights then this simple but effective method is perfect. You can simply grab a damp cotton ball and some cheap eye shadow from your local drug store and press the two together with your hair in-between and then hairspray the color to lock it in to your locks. This works great for light or dark locks.


Apply eyeshadow for temporary highlights

Hair Chalking

This is an easy and hair-safe way to temporarily dye your hair. All you have to do is fine some soft pastel chalk (made with pure pigment) these run about 4$ per stick. You also want to make sure that you choose a color that matches the colors you are seeking and will show vividly on your hair color. Twist a piece of your hair then dip a piece of your hair in water, rub the pastel chalk over the strands – as many colors as you want – and then add some moisturizer because chalk will slightly dry your hair, then hairspray. Simply wash with shampoo.


Hair chalking for bright highlights.

Hair ‘Mascara’

This hair secret is often used to cover up roots and add temporary highlights is perfect for vivid temporary highlights. You can find them in every color of the color spectrum and they are reasonably priced and shampoos right out. This is best if you simply want a few highlights not the dip-dye or ombre effect.


Hair ‘mascara’ is a simple way to get highlights like Selena Gomez.