How to get the Shaved Look for your Hair

A recent trend of shaving one side of your head has been set from celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Pink. It is indeed a bold move to shave one side of your head so we have come up with a great way that you can get this shaved look without having to shave your head.


Jessica Alba with her hair pinned back on one side which gives a shaved look

If you have really short hair one thing that you can do is take the side of your hair that you don’t have your bangs resting on and sweep this side to the back, put the hair over your ear and pull it to the back. Take a bobby pin and pin it back and if you do have shorter layers also pin them back, and not forgetting any smaller baby hairs you can also tuck them away. You may wish to make sure all flyaway hairs are held in place by using some hairspray.


Short hair pinned back on one side

By pinning back the hair on one side of your head and leaving the remaining hair to be swept over in the natural way gives the impression that you do have one side of your head shaved, this is a popular look for many celebrities these days and you can achieve it without actually having to shave the side of your head.

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Here is a selection of some popular shaved hairstyles for women:


Cara Delevingne with her hair shaved on one side


Here is the same model with her hair pinned back so that it looks shaved


Here is a subtle shaved hairstyle with just a small section that’s buzzed.