How to Maintain your Wedding Hairstyle

Once the wedding ceremony is over, a wedding hair style may seem a bit too much, so perform a quick transformation by detaching your veil and leaving your tiara in place.


A woman with a long wedding hairstyle

Wedding Party hair style

For a different evening look, make sure your daytime style can translate easily into night-time glamour Too much product will leave the hair lank and dull, so use one that will brush out easily, such as hairspray. Take a bridesmaid with you when trying out styles with your hairdresser so that she can see how your style needs to be changed. A wedding hair up-do can be a great way to enjoy the party and not have to worry about your hair getting in the way.


A updo hairstyle can be good for your wedding day

Honeymoon hair

If you are travelling as soon as the reception is over, you’ll want a hairstyle that is tidy and manageable. If you have long hair, try a chic, simple ponytail or scooped-up chignon, while a smudge of wax is great for tousling or slicking back short hair. Some wedding-day hairstyles are likely to leave your hair kinky and unmanageable when you remove all the grips and paraphernalia. Happily, this means that you can employ the classic going-away style – the Grace Kelly Head Scarf.


Head Scarf Hairstyle

For this style the hair is set on large heated rulers to give volume and wave. Finish off with a sprite of hairspray to hold.


Wedding Hair Tips

  1.  Plan your day to night and going-away styles before the day. You may need to buy extra kit.
  2.  If your wedding-day hairstyle looks fine with your going-away outfit, don’t change ft for the sake of It.
  3. Keep It simple – by the time you leave the reception, you wont want to fuss over something complicated.
  4. Don’t be tempted to add lots more extra product, It will only make your hair look limp and dull
  5. Take your SOS Hair style kit with you in your hand luggage.