How to Style and Care for Coarse Thick Hair

A thick unruly mane that brings a whole new meaning to ‘frizzy hair’ seemingly curses some women, but rather than fighting thick coarse hair it’s best just learn how to tame it with the right care and styling.

General Hair Care Tips for Thick Hair:

  • Use an organic shampoo. Unfortunately, shampoo is not regulated very strictly and the chemicals that are found in a lot of them are harmful to our hair and leave residue build up. If you have thick coarse hair you can’t afford to have that build up; an organic shampoo will keep your hair soft.
  • Don’t wash your hair every single day. This should be a relief for women with thick coarse hair because washing, drying, and styling can be a daily hassle and usually results in a hairstyle that looks like you’ve just been electrocuted. The natural oils of your hair will give your hair shine and smooth the coarseness. Wash 1-3 times per week.
  • Use hair oils. This is a great tip to smooth the crazy fly aways and give your hair a more controllable look. You can use a product from a beauty store or coconut oil is a great natural alternative. Just be careful that you don’t use too much.
  • Use a weekly hair mask. Thick hair has trouble absorbing those great natural oils so a hair mask can help quench your hair’s thirst.
  • Use a large paddle brush. If you have thick coarse hair you know that small and delicate hairbrushes simply wont do. Opt for a large paddle brush but don’t brush too much as over brushing leads to frizz.

Popular Cuts and Styles for Thick Coarse Hair

If you have thick coarse hair then it’s recommended to stay away from short hairstyles, unless you go for the short pixie hairstyle. Rather try to keep your hair shoulder length or a slightly longer to get the most versatility and control with your hair. A great idea is to add layers to lighten your hair and it will help make it less wild. Stay away from blunt bangs because they will be heavy and weight your hair and face down, but a side-swept bang is a good option.


Shoulder length haircuts with layers are perfect for thick hair.

A Big Braid for Thick Hair is Quick and Easy to do

Unlike women with thin or fine hair, you have the perfect hair for big bold braids. A loose side braid or a tight French braid, whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with the braid.


Tame your mane with a big bold braid.

Half Up Half Down Do

You’ve got plenty of hair so wear some up and some down. This will also make your hair more controllable and it’s the perfect way to show off the great thickness of your mane.


Pull your hair half up for an easy hairstyle for thick hair.

Beach Waves

Thick coarse hair naturally has a wavy texture usually. Play up these waves and create beach waves for a simple and stylish hairstyle.


Beach waves are easy to style and simply gorgeous.

Big and Boisterous

Don’t hide your crazy hair – embrace it. Women wish they could get could big all over voluminous hair. It’s also a great idea to tease the crown of your hair because your thick coarse hair can get weighed down at the roots.


Embrace your coarse thick hair – the bigger, the better.

Texture Tip: Don’t straighten or curl it everyday. Thick coarse hair almost always has some wavy or curly texture and sometimes it can feel like you’ve been plagued with this not-curly-not-straight hairstyle, but rather than using heat styling on it, just use some natural products that will compliment the natural texture of your hair.