How to Style Bangs that You’re Growing Out

Bangs are a commitment and after sometime of constant styling and maintenance, a lot of women reach a point where they’re ready to let them grow and free your self from the chains of bangs or perhaps you’re just ready for a new look. Regardless of why you’re growing out your bangs, it can be a tricky process. It can be awkward and complicated going through the ‘my bangs are in my eyes but they can’t be pulled back’ phase, but with some good styling and clever adjustments you can make it through growing out your bangs with style. Here are a few style suggestions for when you’re growing out your bangs.

A Layered Haircut With a Side Swept Bang

If you’ve had the blunt-bang hairstyle then let them grow a little longer and then create a side-swept angled bang that is slightly layered above the eyebrow until it effortlessly flows past your eye and blends with the rest of your hair. On the other side of the parted bangs try slightly layered the ends of the hair so that it flows with your hair. Try an angled layered haircut throughout the rest of your hair so that it blends perfectly.


Layer your bangs for a subtle way to grow out your bangs.

Twisted Back Bangs

This is a simple and stylish way to style your bangs during that awkward phase when your bangs can’t be put behind your ears. Part them in the center, twist, and pin back with some bobby pins.


Twist and tie back your bangs when you’re growing them out.

A Wavy Hairstyle to Help Blend a Bang

This hairstyle is ideal for ladies who already have wavy or curly hair because it is will be easy to style and blend. If you have straight hair then it will take additional time to style but waves are an extremely fun hairstyle and it’s the perfect excuse to try a wavy hairstyle out. Simple take your curling iron and curl your bangs away from your face.


Add some waves for a well-blended hairstyle when you’re growing out your bangs.

Learn to Love Headbands

Headbands can be your best friends when you’re growing out your bangs. They’re cute, timeless, and effective. If you want to completely keep your bangs off your forehead during the transition then simply push them back with a stylish headband. Don’t hesitate to try other accessories too like barrages and clips.


Headbands are the perfect way to keep grown-out bangs off your forehead.

Braided Bangs

Pick a part and then create a small braid with your bangs. It’s a good idea to use a styling product like a gel when you’re braiding your bangs because the little ends tend to stick and some product can help tuck them away. Simply secure the braid with a bobby pin for a chic hairstyle.


A french braid is simple and stylish when you are growing out your bangs.