How to Style Bed Head for Short Hair

There is a common misconception that short hair is effortlessly styled but women with short hair know all too well that every morning when they look in the mirror they are greeted with mad locks. If you have a pixie cut then you know that hitting the snooze button could mean you don’t have ample time to tame the cow licks that have mysteriously appeared over night. The best way to fix bed head hair is to leave time for a shower in the morning but let’s be honest; showering before you leave the house is not always an option.

Water for Cowlicks

When it comes to short hair the primary problem is generally uncontrollable cowlicks. The simplest way to solve this is with water. You don’t have to put your head under the faucet to get manageable hair. Simply get a spray bottle or wet your comb and get the crazy pieces slightly damp. You can avoid the long blow-drying sessions and a shower by simply damping the licks.


Miley appears to know short-hair bed head woes.

Purchase Products

Just like the water spot-styling method, you can use styling tonic, gel, or leave-in conditioner and style with a large round brush to create volume for your short hair and manage all of your hair easily.

Hot Roll Your Bed Head Hair

Hot rollers aren’t just for your grandma or your wedding day, hot rollers are simple to put in and can give you volume and style while you brush your teeth and get dressed. After 10 minutes you can take the rollers out, spray with a little hairspray and enjoy your voluminous locks.


Hot rollers can create a beautiful look in minimal time.

Use Headbands and Hats

Perhaps the easiest fix is covering up with a hat or pushing your hair back with a headband. If you are choosing a hat then make sure it fits your short hair length in addition to your face shape and hair texture. If you have short hair you don’t want to wear a big hat that covers your mane completely, rather choose a hat that shows some locks but still provides ample bed-head coverage. Short hair looks particularly chic with minima brim or brimless hats.


When in doubt, cover up with a hat.