Katy Perry Inspired Bob Haircuts

Katy Perry is almost as famous for her bold hairstyles as she is for her catchy tunes. From her funky wings in California Girls to her gorgeous retro curls on the red carpet, Katy Perry isn’t afraid to take risks with her hair, and that confidence is to be admired.  If you have been hesitant about dying your hair a bright and bold color or getting a dramatic chop – follow this California girl’s lead and just do it. One of our favorite Katy Perry haircuts is her bob hairstyle. The bob is so on trend right now and she has shown us that this short to medium length haircut doesn’t have to be boring or follow the norm. Jump outside the box with these Katy Petty inspired bob haircuts.

The Katy Perry Blue Bob ‘Do

Tired of your brunette locks but don’t want to go blonde either – then go blue! Katy Perry rocked her blue bob with confidence on many red carpets and we love it. She wore it super straight, with a few curls, and even crimped. We absolutely love this subtle retro curled hairstyle with her blue-dyed bob.


Blue hair looks amazing on this bob hairstyle.

Flapper Girl Bob

The flapper girls in the roaring 1920’s revolutionized women’s hairstyles and Katy Perry showed us that the look is truly timeless. She styled her black bob with retro curls and a perfect-jeweled headband. If you have a themed party or simply want to stand out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with some retro inspired curls.


Retro curls with a bob haircut is a gorgeous vintage hairstyle.

Pink and Curled Bob

We already covered Katy’s amazing blue bob but she isn’t one to stick to one color for too long. This California girl dyed her bob pink for this girly and flirty bob hairstyle. The curls make create an amazing voluminous hairstyle and the off-center part completes the curled look.


Go pink or go home. Katy Perry rocks this pink bob hairstyle.

Strawberry Blonde Straight Bob

After Katy’s pink hair, she made the transition to lighter locks perfectly. The color almost gave her bob a chic ombre hair color effect. The sleek bob with choppy ends and long subtle layers is a simple look for Katy Perry but the haircut is stunning.


Subtle and strawberry blonde works for Katy Perry.

Lob with Blunt Bangs

Katy Perry isn’t’ always dying her hair crazy colors – sometimes she keeps it simple and natural. She kept her natural look with this straight blunt long bob and thick blunt bangs. The bangs draw attention to her big bright eyes so they pop and the length of the bob is perfect for her face shape.


Katy Perry went back to her roots for this gorgeous blunt bob hairdo.

Short Blonde Bob

Katy Perry looked amazing with her blonde hairstyle (and a small blue streak). Her bob was styled with some loose wavy texture, an off-center part, and simply pulled back on one side. If you are looking for a fun but still simple bob hairstyle then Katy Perry’s layered bob with texture is the perfect inspiration.


This short blonde bob hairstyle is perfect with Katy Perry’s outfit.