The Latest and Hottest Crop Short Haircuts in Hollywood

Many brave and confident ladies have stopped hiding behind their long tresses and opted for crop cuts. The trend has taken off in Hollywood. For some it’s so that they could grow back their hair after dying it for roles has fried their long hair, for others it is to represent a fresh new start or make a bold state (Miley Cyrus) and for others it’s just the right look. Rather you have a crop, are contemplating them or can simply admire how chic they look then here is a selection of pixie cuts from Hollywood beauties.

Olivia Thirlby Rocking Pixie Short Haircut

This actress best known for her role as Leah in Juno looked amazing when she attended a screening of ‘Being Fynn’ with her short layered pixie cut and long side-swept bangs. This perfect pixie could look great on just about everyone and she rocks it.


Olivia Thirlby long side-swept bangs with crop cut

Alicia Keys Thick Short Haircut

When Alicia Key’s stepped out on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy’s it was hard to take your eyes off her knock-out royal blue dress and plunging neckline but for those who were able to move their eyes up they would have noticed her rocking crop. This high and textured pixie with shaved sides is perfect on her.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Alicia Keys tousled pixie hair

Jennifer Lawrence Messy Short Haircut

What makes Jennifer Lawrence’s crop isn’t the fact she surprised people with chopping off her longer locks but the fact that she always changes it up. She definitely doesn’t brush down her pixie and call it a day. From high-slicked back looks to edgy straight dos and spiked styles she always looks stunning.


Jennifer Lawrence styled crop cut

Michelle Williams Crop Haircut

Michelle Williams wears a crop as her signature hairstyle and it never disappoints. For 2014 she has let her short pixie grow out for a longer do and we’re certainly not complaining. Seriously, how amazing does she look in this Louis Vuitton ad?


Michelle Williams longer pixie in Louis Vuitton ad.

Miley Cyrus Trendy Short Haircut

Last year was definitely Miley’s year and she doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon. She has made a big statement with her latest fashion choices, ‘twerking’, and of course her platinum blonde pixie. You simply can’t talk about hot pixies without thinking about Miley. The pixie wearing celeb has also become the new face of Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 collection so we think her crop is here to stay for now.


Miley Cyrus’s amazing blonde and brown pixie

Frankie Sanford Cute Short Haircut

This lovely Brit always has lovely short hairstyles from a short close crop to her latest asymmetrical haircuts. We love her asymmetrical pixie because it’s full of body and volume but still short and sleek. The light brown highlights add dimension and look perfect with her skin tone.


Frank Sanford highlighted asymmetrical pixie cut

Josie Bissett Hot Short Haircut

Best known for her role on Melrose Place, Josie Bissett shows us that a modern crop cut is the perfect solution for a busy mom that doesn’t have much time for styling hair but can still look effortlessly chic.


Josie Bisset’s long pixie cut